Leeching invoices build the invoice throughout the invoice period, "Leeching" in all Sale Orders, Purchase Orders, Consignments, Manifests and Storage charges. Rather than the invoice being created at the end of the invoice period, a Leeching Invoice will be created at the start of the invoice period and continue to grow until the end of the invoice period. 


The major benefit of Leeching invoices is that you are able to resolve charge errors as they appear throughout the week rather than having to deal with all errors at once at the end of the invoice period. 

How to enable Automatic Leeching Invoices

Please note, currently, this cannot be done in Bulk. If you require this, please contact us and we'll shift all your customers over to operate like this.
  • Navigate to Contacts>Customers. 
  • Select the relevant Customer you wish to allow Leeching invoices for. 
  • Click Edit. 
  • Select the Invoice tab and then the Details tab. 
  • From the Automatically Generate Invoice drop-down menu select Yes - Continually build during the Invoice Period (Leeching Invoices)

To resolve Charge Errors on a daily basis (for Leeching Invoices)

  • Navigate to the Invoices page, More>Invoices
  • Select the Charge Errors to Resolve tab.
For information on how to resolve Charge Errors please see the Invoice Charge Errors page.