Documents stores all documents associated with Consignments and Sale Orders. The type of documents includes:

  • Consignments Customer Invoices
  • Sale Order Customer Invoices
  • Consignment Proof of Deliveries 


  • Producing a Superimposed Proof Of Delivery on the Consignment Invoice
  • Automated Document Management. Consignment Invoices can be automatically imported and allocated, then printed at the time of allocation and delivered with the goods.
  • Printed with QR Code Overlay for Invoices for use with Driver Scan Allocation

Using the Documents page

  • Filter: You can filter the documents by Customer, Date Added, Associated To, Retyring, Status and Type. 
  • All: lists all Documents. 
  • Unassigned: lists Documents that are not assigned to a Consignment. For more information, click here
  • Retrying: Consignment Invoices that have been uploaded before the Consignment. To prevent the Invoices from immediately just going to "Unassigned", they're put into a "Retrying" status while they wait for the associated Consignment to arrive. For more information, click here
  • Unapproved Consignment Deliveries: POD's that have not yet been approved. For more information, click here

Adding Documents 

Documents can either be added:

  • Directly through the Documents page.
  • Added from the Consignment or Sale Order.
  • Uploaded via Parser.

Adding Documents directly through the Documents page: 

  • Click the +Add button in the top left corner. 

  • Choose the file to upload.
  • Select the File Type from the drop-down menu (if assigning the file to a Consignment).
  • Select if you are linking the file to a Consignment or Sale Order.
  • Search for the Consignment or Sale Order reference.
  • Click Upload

Adding directly through the Sale Order or Consignment

  • Navigate to the Sale Order or Consignment. 
  • Select the Customer Invoices tab. 
  • Click the +Add Invoice button. 

Drag and drop for Consignments

This option only works when uploading documents to a Consignment 
  • Navigate to the relevant Consignment.
  • Drag the file from your desktop (or where it is saved) and drop it onto the screen (you don't need to be on the Customer Invoices tab for this drag and drop to work). 
  • Click Done

Automated Duplicate Deletion 

CartonCloud compares the file to the existing documents associated with that Consignment or Sale Order when a new document is assigned to a Consignment. If a duplicate is found (the newly added file is exactly the same as a file already associated with the Consignment/Sale Order), the new file is deleted rather than assigned.