CartonCloud supports Cash On Delivery (COD) processes both within the Web Application, and on the Mobile App.

The COD processes in CartonCloud have been designed to provide as much visibility and trace-ability as possible, ensuring CODs never go missing.

Cash On Delivery Overview

Cash on delivery Process

How to handle EFT Payments

If the driver does not pickup either Cash or Cheque due to the store advising they have paid via EFT, the best process for the Driver is to lodge that they collected $0.00.
The system will then ask them why they are not collecting the correct amount of money and they can then write down: "Customer paid EFT".

The process from here becomes very easy to handle, as the Cash On Delivery is recorded as $0.00 was collected, the office can then see the reason why the cash was not collected and provide this information back to the client via the Banking Sheet.

Tight vs Flexible Control

Cash on Delivery (COD) can be configured to be optional (Flexible Control), or forced (Tight Control).

Tight Control means that if a particular Consignment does not have Cash On Delivery Loaded, the Driver will have NO option to add COD to the consignment. This is the typical way COD is used, to prevent drivers being given Cash / Cheques when the client has not specified the particular job is COD.

Flexible Control, however, means the driver will ALWAYS have the option to record COD for the job, even if the job does not have COD listed.

This feature can be configured on a per-customer basis from the Customer Edit page.
Contacts -> Customers -> (find customer) -> Edit

Then modify the option to 'Yes - Flexible Control (Driver will always have the option to record COD)'.

Now, on the app the driver will have the option to record COD if they like.

Note: If the Consignment is recorded as 'Requiring COD', then the driver must record COD, otherwise they'll be prompted to enter a reason why.

Drivers collecting COD on the App

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