In CartonCloud, we allow addresses to be created by anyone. Administrators, Customers, directly from Manifests and Sale Orders. This is great because it means you don't have to spend time entering new addresses manually when a Customer sends a Manifest. However, because of this, you will likely end up with some duplicates.

CartonCloud uses an algorithm to automatically detect and merge duplicate addresses when they're being created, however, it can't catch everything, and spelling differences and rearrangements of words (ie: Foodworks Surry Hills vs Surry Hills Foodworks) will make their way into the system as duplicates.

For this reason, your CartonCloud account may be configured to require manual approval of new addresses. This gives you the ability to monitor all newly created addresses, and then either merge them with an existing address or approve them as a new address in your Address Book.

Making new Addresses require approval

To enable this feature select More in the main menu, followed by Organisation Settings in the drop-down menu. Then, select the Features and Options tab.

Tick the Addresses Require Approval box and the feature will be enabled.

All new addresses by default will now be created with the status of Unapproved.

Actioning addresses awaiting approval

You can see how many unapproved addresses are in the system directly from the dashboard:

Clicking this link will take you to to the Addresses Approval page:

To use this page, first begin by searching for potential duplicates in the search box.
If you find a match, click it, and then click Merge (the existing address will be the only one left after the merge, the new address will be merged into the existing address).

If you don't find any duplicates, then it's safe to say it's a new address, so simply click the Approve button.

This page only displays 20 addresses at a time, so once you're done approving everything on the page you'll need to refresh the page to load more results.

You can also access the Approve Addresses page from the Addresses Page. Click the More menu, then Approve Addresses.