CartonCloud uses Google to find addresses and geocode them, ensuring they have the right suburb, postcode and city. Geocoding increases the precision of addresses in CartonCloud by providing the exact coordinates of an address (latitude and longitude). This also means you have the ability when adding a new address to type in the business name, and the correct address should appear and autofill the required fields. Additionally, when an address is geocoded, you will be shown a map view within the address. When using the mobile app, drivers will easily be able to obtain directions to the address. 

Address that has been geocoded

What is required for CartonCloud to automatically geocode an address 

When entering the address, you need to provide one of the below combinations: 

  • Address Company Name (or Contact Name if Company Name is empty)

  • Street Address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Country

How to manually geocode an address

Select the Require Geocoding tab on the Address page to find the addresses that require geocoding. 

  • Navigate to the relevant address.
  • Select Attempt Auto Geocode


  • An error message will appear highlighting the difference between the address in CartonCloud and the address in Google; therefore, it was unable to geocode the address. 

  • Click Edit against the address. 

  • Fix the error with the address OR type in the Company Name again into the search box. 
  • Select Yes for Geocoded.
  • Select Save