Notifications allow you to keep on top of admin tasks within CartonCloud. Notifications are located on the Dashboard page. 

How to action Notifications 

  • Against the notification you wish to view/action click the blue hyperlinked number. 

  • This will take you through to the page where you can view the items that need action. 

Notification Explanations

Unpacked Sale OrdersAll Sale Orders that are in 'Awaiting Pick and Pack' status.
Draft InvoicesAll Invoices that are in a 'Draft' status.
Draft BillsAll Bills that are in a 'Draft' status.
Unallocated Address StringsAddress strings that need to be allocated.
Unallocated ConsignmentsConsignments that are not yet allocated.
Unassigned Consignment Customer InvoicesConsignment Customer Invoices that are not yet assigned to a Consignment.
Unassigned Sale Order Customer InvoicesSale Order Customer Invoices that are not yet assigned to a Sale Order.
Unallocated Delivery RunsDelivery Runs that do not have a Driver allocated to them. 
Unallocated Delivery Runs (Today & Earlier)Delivery Runs for either today or earlier that do not have a Driver allocated to them.
Unallocated Delivery Runs (Next Day)Delivery Runs for tomorrow that does not have a Driver allocated to them. 
Address Requiring Geocoding Addresses that have not been geocoded. 
Incoming Purchase Orders Purchase Orders that have been added to CartonCloud but have not yet been received.
Booked ManifestsManifests that have been booked. 
Unallocated, Undelivered ConsignmentsConsignments that have not been allocated to a driver or delivered. 
Unassigned A2IC Consignment MappingsConsignments that have not been assigned to A2IC mapping
Unresolved Consignment ErrorsConsignments that have been marked with an error. 

 Configuring Notifications

To select which notifications you wish to be displayed:

  • Select the cog in the top right of the Notifications widget. 

  • Tick the Notifications you would like to be displayed.
  • Select Save