On the View User page, you can edit and disable the User and associate an address and delivery run to the User. 

Edit the User

To edit the User:

  • Select the blue Edit button. 
  • For more information on editing a User click here

Disable the User

See Disabling Users for steps on how to disable a User. 

Associate an Address to the User

Associating an address to a User is mainly designed for Drivers. Once you have linked an address to the Driver it will appear on their mobile application when they are optimising their route. This is useful for the Driver's home address as when optimising the route it will take into consideration that the driver either wants to begin and/or end their delivery route at home. 

To associate an address to the User:

  • Select the Addresses tab. 
  • Click +Link New Address.

  • Enter the address by either typing it in or clicking Add New Address (if it is a new address)
  • Give the address a name in the With name box. 
  • Click Link

Associate a Delivery Run to the User

By associating a Delivery Run to a particular User it grants the User access to viewing the Delivery Run.

To associate a Delivery Run to a User:

  • On the details tab of the User, click Edit Delivery Runs

  • Click Add Delivery Run

  • Select the Delivery Run from the drop-down menu. 
  • Click Save Changes