Please note, you must have permission to edit other users to be able to disable a user. To have this permission you must have administrator access. See User Roles Explained for more information. 

Once a CartonCloud user has been created it cannot be deleted, however, it can be disabled. This is because CartonCloud Users may have access to multiple CartonCloud Organisations (tenancies). When disabling them from within your account they can still log in to CartonCloud, but can no longer access your Organisation.

  • To deactivate a user, in the Main Menu click on Contacts, then click on Users in the drop-down menu.
  • Next, find the User you want to disable and select them.
  • Finally, click Disable User.

The animation below demonstrates how to disable and re-enable a User.

Once a user is disabled you will not see them in the All tab. Instead, you will need to use the Filter tab and select Inactive to Yes, then click Go!