For someone to access CartonCloud they need to be created or invited as a User first. 

Follow along with our CEO Vincent as he steps through how to add a new User to your CartonCloud account. 

To invite/create a new User:

  • Navigate to the Users page (Contacts>Users).
  • Click on +Invite New User. The below screen will appear.

  • Fill in the name and email field with the user's details. 
It is recommended that for staff who do not have their own email address that you select the Create User option and use a placeholder email instead (the email is only used as login details).
  • You have two options when generating a new User, you can either invite or create the User.  To create a user tick the Create User Now box. 
    • Invite User: select this option if you wish to send an email invitation to the user and have them create their own password. This option is best for Customers and staff with Administrator access. 
    • Create User: select this option if you wish to create the user immediately and set up their password on their behalf. This option is best for internal staff such as Packers and Drivers. 
  • Fill in the remaining fields using the below field descriptions. 
FieldField Description 

Invite user: this is where the invitation will be sent. Upon accepting the email the user can then change the email address if they wish.

Create user: if the user does not have an email address, a placeholder email can be utilised instead. 

WarehousesTick the applicable warehouses the user will be operating within. See Setting up Warehouses for more information. 
Create User Now

Tick the box next to Create User Now if you wish to create the user rather than invite them. 

Invite user: do not tick this box if you wish to invite the user. 

Create user: tick the box to create the user and password immediately. If Create User Now is ticked an extra option Generate Password Automatically will appear. This will automatically set a password up for the user and display it on the screen upon submitting the form.


Select the Roles you wish to enable for the user. There is no limit to the number of roles a user can have. A brief overview of each role is provided on the page. For more information on each role see User Roles Explained.

Note, if you would like the user to have access to the mobile application, the Packer or Driver role must be ticked.
Additional Settings Provides the option to hide all charging information from this user. 
SubscribeIf you wish the user to be subscribed to CartonCloud Newsletters. We recommend leaving this ticked so the User will receive important product updates related to CartonCloud. They are able to unsubscribe at any time if they wish.
  • Click Continue.
  • Depending on what options you have selected, an invite will be sent or the User will be created immediately.

Invited users will not show up in the user list until the user has accepted the invitation and updated their login details. 

Additional Settings

For each user, you have the option to hide all charging information. This includes:

  • The Charges tab will be hidden on Sale Orders, Purchase Orders and Consignments
  • Rate Cards will not be visible.
  • Invoices will not be visible.

Use Role Specific Settings

Some User Roles have specific settings that you can choose to apply. 

User RoleSettingExplanation
Driver List user on summary sheets even if they have no delivery runs to do When enabled, the driver will appear on summary sheets regardless of whether they have delivery runs to complete.
Driver Automatically Emal Run Sheets to DriverWhen enabled, the driver will be emailed their Run Sheets automatically. 
Driver Enable this Driver to Add or Edit Consignment Items via the Mobile Device 

When enabled, the driver will have the ability to add and edit Consignment Items from the mobile app. 

Setting options:

Use Organisation Settings: will apply the settings configured at the Organisation Settings level.

Enabled: regardless of the settings configured at the Organisation Settings level, the driver will be able to add and edit Consignment Items via the mobile app. 

Disabled: regardless of the settings configured at the Organisation Settings level, the driver will NOT be able to add and edit Consignment Items via the mobile app.

Accepting a CartonCloud User Invitation

If needed, new users can get assistance with accepting their invitation from the video below.

What to do if the user accepts the invite but cannot seem to access the Tenancy or Customer

One thing to keep in mind is that a CartonCloud User has a single login to view all the tenancies (3PL warehouses) and customers they have access to.

This means if you invite them to your tenancy they will need to manually select to view your tenancy from the drop-down menu.

If a user you have invited is reporting not being able to access your Tenancy or Customer. Please first ask them to double-check they have attempted to select it in the drop-down menus shown below.

  • The top drop-down menu allows the user to move between tenancies.
  • The bottom drop-down menu allows the user to move between Customers within those tenancies.