What is a User?

A user in CartonCloud is an individual who will have access to your CartonCloud account with differing levels of access and control. 

When you create a User, you can select the role you wish to assign to them. This role will determine what access they have within your CartonCloud account. For more information on User Roles, click here


  • Allows you to cater to a variety of staff members with different functions and responsibilities.
  • It gives your staff autonomy to make changes and access data in CartonCloud themselves. 
  • Drivers will be able to do their job efficiently as they will only see the assigned jobs.
  • It gives limited access to your Customers, allowing them to place and see their orders without emailing you but preventing them from seeing other Customers information. 

Adding a new User 

To create a new User, see the Creating or Inviting New Users page. 

Users List View Page

On the main Users page, you can search for a User, export and import users and add new users. 

View User

To view an existing User simply click on the User on the User List View page. For information regarding the View User page click here