To adjust a Customers POD Settings first navigate to that Customer's record by selecting Contacts in the main menu, followed by Customers in the drop-down menu. Select the Customer, then select Edit.

From the Edit Customer page select the Transport Management tab, followed by the POD sub-tab.

Consignment Proofs of Delivery can be generated by CartonCloud using either the POD Document Template or by superimposing a POD onto the Customer Consignment Invoice.

Available Modules

TemplateUses either the organisation POD document template or customer document template. (If a customer POD document template is set, this will be the select option, otherwise, the organisation template will be used by default).
Content Overlay

Superimposes the signature, receiver name, and signature date of the Consignment over customer consignment invoice. See below for further details.

CartonCloud can superimpose POD's onto customer consignment invoices which are then available to be downloaded or emailed with the POD.

Since customer invoices can all be different, you may want the POD to be overlaid in a different location on each invoice. Therefore, this feature is configurable for each customer in your CartonCloud account, allowing you to choose where the signature is placed based on their specific invoice layout.

How Superimposed Proof Of Delivery Works

  1. Once a Consignment is delivered, when the user clicks to download POD, if there is an associated Consignment Customer Invoice, the document is used for the signature overlay.
  2. Signature + additional information is superimposed on the Consignment Customer Invoice.
  3. Overlaid image + CartonCloud-generated POD are combined together into a single file and exported.

Video Overview

Example of Document with Superimposed POD

In this example, the Receiver Name, Date and Signature have been overlaid onto the scanned Invoice, in the desired position, automatically.

Enabling and configuring Superimposed Proof Of Deliveries

As invoices can be formatted differently, this feature is configurable for each of your customers inside CartonCloud 

  • Go to Contacts in the main menu > Customers > Select the customer you wish to configure this feature for. 
  • Once viewing the customer, select the Edit button towards the bottom left of the page.
  • Click on Transport Management tab > Click on POD sub-tab.
  • In the Proof of Delivery Output Mode section change the setting Select Proof of Delivery Output Mode to "Signature on Customer Invoice and POD Template"

  • A new setting box will appear which controls the positioning of the signature overlay. 
  • To ensure the positioning is correct an example invoice will need to be selected, this can either be chosen from an existing Customer Consignment Invoice or by uploading a PDF file from your PC.
  • Once an example PDF is selected it will display on the page inside the signature positioning tool.
  • Use the signature positioning tool to configure how you would like the content to be overlaid on the invoice.

  • Once completed, select Save at the bottom of the page. The system will now begin overlaying POD's on all future customer consignment invoices for that customer.

Signature Positioning Tool

The signature positioning tool supports the following.

QR Code PlacementDragging and dropping the red rectangles will place that component of the signature it in that location for all future documents using the overlay feature.
QR Code ResizingDragging from the bottom right corner of the red QR code square allows it to be resized as required.
Page RotationIf the sample page has been uploaded in the wrong orientation, it can be rotated as required.
On Pages (Multiple Pages)In the scenario where a Customer Consignment invoice is multiple pages, this allows the user to select which page/s the QR code will be overlaid on.
RotationAllows the signature component to be rotated (name and date/time cannot be rotated).
ShowAllows the user to select if the Name or Date/Time overlay should appear on the Consignment Invoice.
Text AlignAllows the user to select the alignment of the Name & Date Time overlays. For example, these overlays are being placed at the very right of a page, the user would want to select Right alignment, as then a particularly long name will not run over the end of the page.
Font SizeAllows the user to select the size of the text used in the Name Overlay & Date time overlay.

POD Content and Requirements

Show delivery GPS coordinates in Consignment History (will appear on POD) 

When enabled the GPS location will be recorded and displayed on the POD for this customer.

Driver's using iOS devices must enable Precise location permissions for CartonCloud when recording the POD. If precise location is not turned on then the device will report an approximate location only, resulting in this location being recorded on the POD.

Allow Electronic Deliveries to take place without a signature

  • If enabled Drivers can mark consignments as delivered without the requirement to record a signature first.
  • If disabled drivers will not be able to mark consignments as delivered without first recording a signature or taking a photo.
Consignments Require Paper PODs to be Uploaded

If enabled this setting will prevent the Mobile App from sending out the initial sign-on glass POD. Instead the system will wait for a paper copy to be uploaded and attached before sending that out as the POD.


  • This will not prevent the job from being invoiced
  • This allows CC users to check which jobs are waiting for paper PODs to be uploaded
  • The mobile sign on glass POD will still be available through the customer portal, it just won't be emailed.
Allow option for authority to leave on Add Consignment PageIf enabled this will trigger a special instruction to be added to consignments to let the driver know they have Authority to leave the consignment at delivery.
Show Sale order details for Consignment on Mobile

For Consignments which have been generated from a Sale Order, if this setting is enabled a button will display on the record POD signature screen which allows the Sale Order buttons to be viewed. This is useful for when the receiver wants to know the contents of the package. 

Please note that if enabled the driver will also have access to this information.

By default, this setting will "Use Organisation Settings". This provides you with control to turn the setting on for all customers by default, from within the Organisation Settings page (in the Transport tab, within the Other Settings section).

For more information on this setting, see the mobile help article: Recording a POD.

POD Filename Format

The Proof Of Delivery Filename can be customised using this field via tags.



Which would format as:



TagReplaces with
%%id%%The ID of the Consignment
%%customer_reference%%The Customer Reference for the Consignment