Invoice Dates

There can be differences between your invoice dates and your storage periods, they can be quite different (e.g. weekly storage and monthly invoicing). If you want them to match and be the same, then please follow the instructions below, alternatively, the dates can be changed if they are required to be different. If they are different then the Storage Periods will still go on the next Invoices, they just won't match to the same Invoice Dates. To ensure you have your Storage Charges for a date period automatically added to your next invoice with the same date period, you need to:

a) Make sure your storage info matches your invoice info: Organisation Settings → Invoice Tab → Check if your "Default Next Invoice Date" and "Default First Day Of Week" match your "Storage Starts On" date. Also, the Default First Day of Week should match the Storage Starts on. For example, in this case, both are Monday, if these are different then the storage periods won't sync with the invoices.

Note: The Date described for Invoices is the date following the end of the period i.e. if Sunday was on the 10th, then you would select the 11th as the date for the Invoice to create, which would be for a date period of the 10th backwards for a week/month whatever set. This is because the date periods end at midnight and then the invoice is created shortly afterwards, so you're telling the system to create it in the early morning for the day prior backwards. In the case below if the Storage and Invoice days started on Monday for a week, then the period would end on Sunday → , therefore, the next invoice date in Invoice settings at Organisation and Customer levels should be the Monday causing a Sunday back to Monday date period.

Organisation Invoice Settings

b) Make sure your Organisation Settings Invoice matches your Customer Invoice Settings

Go to Organisation Settings → Invoice Tab → Check your "Default Next Invoice Date":

Go to Customers → Select the Customer → Edit → Invoice Tab → Check your "Next Invoice Date":

If the customer has a different start date than what's been configured under the Organisation Settings, it will cause issues. Both dates need to be the same.

Automatic Invoice Generation



Automatically Generate Invoice

No - The invoices for this Customer will not be generated until you manually select for it to generate.

Yes (only at end of the Invoicing period - The invoice will be created by the system on the date specified within the settings.

Yes (continually build during the invoice period (Leeching Invoice) - An invoice will be created for the customer automatically and charges will be added each day until the end of the invoicing period.

Next Invoice DateThis allows you to override the date provided within the Organisation Settings and make the date specific to this customer
Repeat Every x Weeks/Months/DaysThis allows you to override the occurrence provided within the Organisation Settings and make it specific to this customer

Invoice Summary Excel Sheet



Show Complete Manifests
Show period the Invoice covers on the cover sheet of the invoiceEnabling will display the time period the invoice is for on the cover sheet of the invoice.
Show Warehouse name on the cover sheet of the InvoiceEnabling will display the name of the Warehouse (which can be found at the top right of the web app) on the cover sheet of the invoice.
Show all invoice totals on the cover sheet of the Invoice 

Selecting this option will cause the invoice summary to display the information highlighted in red below.

Cover Sheet Tax Statement
Cover Sheet Note Text
Date Shown on Sale OrdersAllows you to configure the date shown for a Sale Order on an Invoice:
  • Date Added (date the Sale Order was created in the system)
  • Date Packed (date the stock was packed)
  • Date Dispatched (date the stock was dispatched from the warehouse and storage charges end)

Note that these settings will change the date shown on the Warehouse Summary tab, where it aggregates information by day, as shown below

Date Shown on Purchase OrdersAllows you to configure the date shown for Purchase Orders on an Invoice:
  • Date Added
  • Date Received (date the stock was updated to 'Received in Warehouse')

Note that these settings will change the date shown on the Warehouse Summary tab, where it aggregates information by day, as shown below

Other Invoice Configuration Options



Invoice Value (When Creating consignments)



Not Shown

Generate Single Invoice Per Consignment

To create an invoice for every consignment then enable this setting.

Note: If you have one order for this specific customer with 10 consignments, you will generate 10 invoices.

Automatically group consignments when added to Invoice if Delivery Run, Delivery Address and Delivery Date are the same.As explained in the name enabling this setting will reduce the potential for double charging to a single location. However, if you wish to charge for multiple consignments in these scenarios this should be disabled.