What is a Customer 

A Customer in Cartoncloud is the company you provide goods or services to. Moreover, they are the companies who own the stock in your warehouse or pay you for transport services.

The Customer is not the individual person working at the company. Instead, individuals are Users who then have Customer level access. 

As CartonCloud leverages your Accounting software to generate the invoice, Customer billing addresses and the invoice layout, including your banking details, are all managed and maintained within your Accounting software program and do not need to be set up within CartonCloud.

How to create a Customer 

For instructions on setting up a customer, please see Setting up a Customer

View Customer

From the View Customer screen, you can edit the Customer settings, view Customer Stock Reports, Customer orders, the Customer Rate Card, and upload and view the Customer's logo. 

Customer Stock Reports

See Customer Stock Reports for more information relating to each different report. 

Customer Settings (Edit Customer)

Once you have created a Customer, you can then configure the different settings for the Customer. These settings will determine how you manage their stock and deliveries and charge them within CartonCloud. Customer settings are customer-specific, meaning each Customer can have unique setting configurations. For information on configuring Customer settings, please see Edit Customer/Customer Settings