Information regarding the CartonCloud technology platform, architecture, servers and redundancy provisions.

Tenant - A tenant is an organisation within CartonCloud. For example: "Freight Company A" use CartonCloud, they're considered a tenant

Software Architecture

CartonCloud is built upon a number of technologies, including Java, PHP and NodeJS. We use a variety of 3rd party paid-for, and open-source libraries.

All tenants run from a single code-base, with 'pluggable' modules providing client-specific functionality that is not part of the primary application.

Database Architecture

CartonCloud uses a number of database technologies, including Postgres and MYSQL. It uses a combination of both isolated databases and also shared databases (for example, a single login may be used to access multiple CartonCloud accounts).


CartonCloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) within the southeast-2 region.

Multiple servers are always running across multiple "availability zones", meaning that if one area goes down, the system will continue to operate. All critical processes are split this way, so they're replicated across multiple availability zones to prevent outages.

Redundancy Provisions & Backups

File System

All files uploaded to the system, such as Manifests, Signatures and Photos captured from the Mobile App, Invoices scanned in, are copied to a secondary file system in real-time.
The entire file system is also saved as a 'snapshot' each day, and the last 7 days snapshots are stored. This enables us to recover from both immediate data-loss (hard drive corruption etc), and accidental deletion (ie: someone deletes a whole bunch of signatures, they can be restored from a snapshot if reported within 7 days).


 All databases are backed up to a snapshot each day, and the last 35 days of snapshots are stored.


All communication with the CartonCloud system is encrypted and authenticated using TLS 1.2.

Account Closure

In the event that an account is shut down (client leaves CartonCloud), a final database and filesystem snapshot is taken and stored permanently within Amazon S3 Glacier Storage. This allows for the account to be restored at a later time.