CartonCloud allows you to direct print to Zebra Label printers during operational processing. At present functionality for printing A4 documents is not available. In the case your Zebra printer is not printing correctly use the below guide.

Labels won't print

  1. Check that your CartonCloud Account has Network Zebra Printing Enabled and your local printers are visible

To do this open Organisation Settings Tab>Feature & Options>scroll down to Printing Configuration as per the below screenshot

If you do not see network zebra printing enabled refer to guide on Printing.

Select the drop-down arrow as per below > Remote Printer and confirm that you can see your printers

Check that the correct printer has been selected (if the wrong printer is selected highlight to select the new printer). Remember to save your page to apply the settings.

If you cannot see your printer talk to your local IT about installing the label printer on a PC or Server where CartonCloud Connect can see it as per the printing guide.

Your printer must ZPL (not EPL) as we communicate with your printers using the ZPL printer language

This often occurs when the original PC that CartonCloud Connect was installed on is either turned off or moved and or label printers are relocated.

2. Check the printer is turned on, has labels loaded and you can print a test page from a PC.

If the printing is turned on and your printer is selected and you can print a test page you should be fully operational

It's printing more than 1 copy of labels

This can happen if CartonCloud Connect is running multiple times on the one machine or is installed on multiple machines.

The most common cause is the application is running underneath multiple users simultaneously on one machine. For example, it's running on a server in the background under the Administrator login, then a user logs in and re-runs the application under their own account. Now, the application is running twice on the system and therefore will collect and print the labels within each open application.

To resolve, close the program under one or more of the users until the issue disappears.

This can also occur if you are running CartonCloud Connect on a server and it is not running as a Windows Service (runs for every user). 

In this case, uninstall the CartonCloud Connect app off the server entirely and reinstall it as a Windows Service (this will stop the system from running multiple times).

CartonCloud Connect may show as PrintNode during installation.

Labels Misaligned

Almost always this is due to local printer settings refer to the guide that came with your printer "re-calibrate your printer"

How do I use multiple printers?

CartonCloud enables you to use multiple Zebra printers and define when printers are used (by user or process or a combination of both) Refer Configuring Multiple printers

Can I change my Labels?

At present only PDF labels can be customised. Refer Document Templates; this means that for custom labels that you have designed yourself you must download then print (direct Zebra printing will be coming in the future)

For additional fields such as Batch Numbers, refer to the above and Document Template Placeholders