When selecting a scanning device to use with CartonCloud there are a number of factors you must consider. The below table highlights these key factors to guide you in the right direction when choosing the appropriate scanning device for your operation. 

Factors to consider



$$ - $$$

Just starting out and have little or no experience with barcode scanning

More advanced and technical warehouse operations

High-frequency use  

Coldchain operations

Devices that are not on our recommended list 

Important: We cannot guarantee compatibility with devices that are not listed below. 

If you can't find a product that you would like to use on our provided list, please use the below self-test guide to check if the device is compatible with the current CartonCloud application.

CartonCloud Scanner Self-Guide Test:

Minimum requirements for software compatibility

To ensure optimal performance of your device please ensure you are using the latest version of the CartonCloud mobile application for both Android and iOS. For Apple devices, ensure you are using a model that supports the latest iOS software. 

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners can be connected (via Bluetooth) to either your Apple or Android device, enabling the scanning function from your mobile device whilst using the CartonCloud mobile app. Bluetooth Barcode Scanners are simple to use, will increase efficiency in your operations, and are at the most affordable price point.

The below outlines the different types of Bluetooth Scanners that have been tested with the CartonCloud mobile app for both Apple and Android devices. 

You can purchase Bluetooth Barcode Scanners directly from CartonCloud, here: store.cartoncloud.com

Important for Apple Devices: Before choosing your Bluetooth Barcode Scanner you need to ensure you are using an Apple device that supports the latest iOS software. 

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Device

Compatible with CartonCloud for Apple Devices (iOS)

(Tested internally)

Compatible with CartonCloud for Android Devices

(Tested internally)

Available for purchase directly from the CartonCloud store Extra InformationUser manual 


EYOYO 1D, 2D & QR codes Bluetooth mini barcode scanner with USB/Bluetooth/2.4G wireless 


Very affordable and simple to use. A great starting point if you want to start scanning within your warehouse.


Mini CCD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 




Mini pocket size makes the device very portable and easy to use. At an affordable price point. 


2D back clip Bluetooth Barcode Scanner  


Designed to clip into the back of your phone, only have to hold one device when scanning a barcode. Is well priced for the functionality it offers. 

How to connect a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 

For instructions on how to connect a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner please click here

If your keyboard is not showing on your device with the Bluetooth Barcode Scanner connected please click here for steps on how to resolve the issue. 

Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers are a far more advanced scanning device with greater functionality than the Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. Mobile Computers are only available for CartonCloud on Android and not on Windows CX. 

Mobile Computer Device

(Rugged Android Device)


By CartonCloud


By 3rd Party / Vendor

Extra Information

CipherLab RS31Yes

CipherLab Android Scanning Devices 

CipherLab Setup Instructions 

CipherLab RK25Yes
CipherLab RS50Yes
CipherLab RK95Yes
Cipherlab RS35Yes

Urovo i6310

Honeywell CT50Yes
Honeywell CT50 Setup Instructions  
Honeywell CK65Yes
Honeywell CK65 Setup Instructions 
Honeywell CT60Yes
Honeywell CT60 Setup Instructions 
Honeywell CT40Yes
Honeywell CT40 Setup Instructions 
Zebra MC330KYes
Zebra MC330K Setup Instructions 
Scan SKU Rugged R Series 1D & 2DYes
Setup Instructions 
Zebra TC56 Yes
Zebra TC56 Setup Guide 
Zebra TC70Yes
Same as above
Panasonic FZ-N1 Yes
Panasonic FZ-N1 Setup Guide