Activating additional warehouses will incur additional charges. Please contact for further information.

If you are only operating out of a single Warehouse then you can move on to the next step.

If you are planning to use CartonCloud's WMS across multiple warehouse sites (for example, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne) then you will need to create a Warehouse in the system for each site. You will then be able to create pallet and bulk storage locations within each Warehouse and grant your Customers access to only the relevant Warehouse if required.

To begin doing this, navigate to the Warehouses page in the web app by selecting More in the main menu, followed by Warehouse Settings in the drop-down menu. This will take you to the Warehouse Settings section of the Site Map (the Site map is where you will find settings which aren't used often enough to warrant a direct link in the Main Menu).

Select Warehouses in the top left of the Warehouse Settings.

You will then land on the Warehouses page. This page shows you a list of all the Warehouses within your CartonCloud tenancy. To begin with, you will only have one warehouse which will be named "Default".

Use the Add / Edit Warehouse page instructions for the next steps if required.

Firstly, rename the Default Warehouse to best name for your main warehouse by clicking Edit. (we suggest using the city or suburb name as the Warehouse name)

While on the edit page, update the warehouse's address to the correct location (create an Address for it if you haven't already using the earlier steps shown for Addresses). For now, ignore Delivery run allocate options and set the Pickup delivery run to "Pickup from Warehouse".

Next, if you have more than one Warehouse site, click +Add Warehouse and follow the same process as above to create a Warehouse in the system for it.

Once saved you should get a success banner at the top of the browser.

Once saved you should then be able to see all your Warehouses listed on the Warehouses page such as the example below which shows a Warehouse in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Once a new warehouse has been created you will need to update the relevant existing users (including yourself) in CartonCloud to have access to it. If you do not do this they will not be able to see the Warehouse as an option in the Main Menu.

To add access to a warehouse for a user navigate to Contacts in the main menu, followed by Users in the drop-down menu, now select the User you wish to give access to a Warehouse.

Now on the Edit User page, select Edit.

Finally, select the Warehouse you wish to give them access to, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save.

A new menu option will appear the top right of the browser, allowing you to select which warehouse you want to operate within.

Any warehouse actions you take within CartonCloud from now on will occur within the currently selected Warehouse. This includes actions described in future articles like Adding Warehouse Locations, so be sure to always have the correct Warehouse selected for the action you are taking.

Next Step: Setting up Product Types (Location Types)