Custom fields are not required on Products are an optional feature.

Up to 10 Custom Fields can be applied to Product records. This differs from Purchase Order Product Custom Fields (which are fields used to record information against inbound stock) in that the custom field is applied directly against the Product record, and cannot be altered by individual stock records.

This is useful for storing additional information such as:

  • Supplier Codes
  • Dangerous Goods Information / DG Class
  • Special Handling Instructions
  • Other identifiers or information that's needed to be stored.

Custom fields are specified on a Per-Customer basis, allowing each customer to have their own set of Custom Fields.

Custom Fields can be displayed on Packlists, Con Notes and etc via Document Templates, they can also be shown on Stock Reports and Exports.

Setting these up can be beneficial later on when you want to use the Custom Field as a filter on a report.

Enabling Product Custom Fields

If you wish to store custom information against Products you will need to create Product Custom Fields.

First, navigate to the Edit Customer Page by selecting Contacts in the Main menu followed by Customers in the drop-down.

Then find and select the Customer.

Once viewing the Customer record click Edit down the bottom left.

From the Edit Customer Screen open the tab Warehouse Management and beneath this select the sub-tab Product

Enter the name of the Custom Field (unlike the Organisation level custom fields, these can only be set up to record plain text).

Once you've added in the Custom Fields you want, click Save down the bottom. The Custom Fields will now appear when Adding or Editing a Product

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