When stock enters your Warehouse a Purchase Order must be created by a CartonCloud user to record that stock into the system. During this process, it is likely that you will want to record some custom information against the stock, such as a batch number, SSCC number, Production Date or Pallet ID.

The additional information you record against a product while creating a Purchase Order is what we call the "Purchase Order Product Field". These are custom fields which can be defined to be named whatever you want. Purchase Order Product Fields differ from Product Custom Fields, as the latter is extra information recorded against a product (for example, shoe sizes which can then be used as a filter when sending out an order), while the former is usually extra information to track that product (SSCC numbers on the shoe boxes).

Since Products belong to a single Customer, the Custom Field settings related to Products are located in the Edit Customer Settings page (and this is an example of why it is sometimes better to duplicate an existing Customer and its settings rather than creating a new one).

If you wish to use these fields it is recommended you do so before bringing in any stock to the warehouse, as otherwise, that stock will be missing custom field data against it.

The following steps are optional and only need to be completed if you wish to create Purchase Order Product Custom fields.

Purchase Order Product Custom fields are stored against each of your Customers in their settings so to add them begin by selecting Contacts in the main menu followed by Customer.

Then open the Customer you wish to add a Purchase Order Product Custom field for. In this example, I am going to select my Test Customer.

Once on the View Customer page, click Edit. Then click the Warehouse Management tab, followed by the Purchase Order Products tab.

Now that you are on the correct settings page, complete the fields as required using the per page support article on Purchase Order Products to complete setting them up. Remember to select the Warehouse Management tab, then Purchase Order Product tab once on the Knowledge Base page.

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