Custom Fields for a Purchase Order Product allow you to record certain information against the stock, such as a batch number, serial number, SSCC number, production date or pallet ID. You can create Custom Fields for any kind of data you wish to record against the Purchase Order. 

Purchase Order Product Custom Fields are different to Product Custom Fields, the latter is extra information recorded against a product (for example, shoe sizes), while the former is usually extra information to track that product (such as SSCC numbers on the shoe boxes).

 Note, it is recommended that you set up custom fields before you bring stock into the warehouse, otherwise, the stock will be missing the custom field data against it. 

How to set up Purchase Order Product Custom Fields Video 

Follow along with our CEO, Vincent as he explains how to create Purchase Order Product Custom Fields in your account. 

How to add a Purchase Order Product Custom Field 

  • Navigate to the Customers page, Contacts>Customers
  • Select the relevant customer. 
  • Select the blue Edit button at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select the Warehouse Management tab. 
  • Select the Purchase Order Products tab. 

  • Fill in the Custom Field with the name of the Custom Field you wish to appear against the product. This will be displayed in both the web and mobile apps. 
  • Using the below table, select the tick boxes against the options that you wish to apply for the Custom Field.
Tick Box OptionExplanation 
Retain custom field selection when performing sale order stock optimisation 

When the order is re-optimised the original custom field value will retain. This means when stock optimisation is conducted, CartonCloud will only look for stock with that same custom field value against it. For example, if the custom field is Batch Number and you want to ensure that once stock is assigned to an order with a certain Batch Number and you don't want that number changing during the stock optimisation, you would tick this option. 

Is Unique (only within this Customer)?Force this field to have a unique value across all stock within this Customer. Stock for other Customers can have the same value.
Verify when picking?

When enabled the user will be required at the time of picking to verify the custom field's value by scanning a barcode containing that value or entering it manually using the mobile keyboard. 

This allows you to Scan-Confirm batch, Serial or Lot Numbers when picking. See Scanning a barcode to verify against a POP Custom Field when picking (verify when picking) for more information.

Capture when picking?

Allow this field to act as a barcode. Any scanning actions will search both the generated Purchase Order Product barcode and any fields that have this setting enabled. It also enables scanner data entry from the Sale Order pick screen.

Once you have ticked the Capture when picking? option another option will appear;

Split to lowest unit of measure? - allow this field if you wish to verify the product by the lowest unit of measure. Meaning you will need to scan and verify each unit of measure associated with the Sale Order. This option should only be enabled when using custom fields that are unique, such as a serial number. You would not use this for a batch number as a whole pallet could be the same batch number. 

Verify or capture SSCC when picking?

Only available to an SSCC POP custom field using the SSCC Barcode GS1 Barcode identifier

This field currently only appears when the GS1 Barcode Field identifier is set to (00) - SSCC Barcode. When applied the picker will be required to scan the SSCC barcode during picking and it will either be:

  1. If the SSCC POP custom field is empty - The scanned barcode will be checked as being a valid, unique SSCC barcode (unique to CartonCloud) and then stored against the custom field.
  2. If the SSCC POP custom field is populated - The scanned barcode will be checked against the value stored to verify the correct product has been selected.
Is Required?

There are three levels of enforcing values:

  • Yes - The field is required both on incoming stock at Purchase Order verification time and on outgoing stock at Sale Order pick time.
  • Yes on Outgoing - The field is required to have a value on outgoing stock at Sale Order pick time.
  • Optional - The field is optional. An empty value may be entered.
GS1 Barcode Field IdentiferRequired when using SSCC to specify the GS1 field identifier for the POP custom field. This will allow it to then be printed on the labels. See Enabling and using SSCC/GS1 labels for more information.
Input Type and Input Options

Custom fields can be one of two types: text input (alphanumeric) and dropdown (defined values). This defines how the values are treated when you are creating or modifying your Purchase Order Product.

Fields that are set to text input are freeform: anything you can type or copy into the text box is accepted.

Dropdown inputs are restricted to a small set of allowed inputs that you define in the options box. For example, if you have a custom field that is used for pallet size, you can restrict the field to only accept your defined sizes.

The allowed values for a dropdown are defined as a JSON list. This is just a list of text, bookended with square braces: [ and ]. For example, to continue our pallet size example, you might define your sizes like this:

["", "Single", "Double", "Triple"]

The empty value allows you to choose no value on your Purchase Order Product. This allows you to have a field that is not required. If you omitted the blank value, you would still be forced to select one of the defined values.

Regex DefinitionCan be set up using the Regex Definitions page. If a regular expression is set up then it will be used to extract the matched data when capturing the POP custom field on the CartonCloud mobile application.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the green Save button. 

Examples of Purchase Order Product Custom Fields

Batch Number / Lot NumberRetain - Yes
Is Unique - No
Verify when picking? - Yes
Capture when picking? - No
Is Required -  Up to user
Input Type: Alphanumeric
Pallet SizeRetain - No
Is Unique - No
Verify when picking?- No
Capture when picking? - No
Is Required - Up to user
Input Type - Dropdown
Input Options (JSON): ["", "Single", "Double", "Triple"]
Serial Number (which you want to scan on outgoing only)Retain - No
Is Unique - Yes
Verify when picking? - No
Capture when picking? - Yes
Is Required - Yes on Outgoing
Input type - Alphanumeric

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