Adding your fleet's vehicles into CartonCloud is optional and not required to complete the TMS setting. 

By entering your fleet's vehicles into CartonCloud, you can then track important information relating to those vehicles using Custom Fields (which you would have set up during the Custom Field's article).

CartonCloud also allows you to allocate Run Sheets to Vehicles and therefore track their performance by checking the revenue generated by an individual Vehicle. For example, by using Vehicles within CartonCloud they can then be displayed as a field on Consignment Reports.

Entering your fleet's vehicles into CartonCloud is entirely optional, however, we do recommend it for the benefits stated above.

How to enter Vehicles into CartonCloud

To add a vehicle into CartonCloud begin by navigating to the Vehicles page, the easiest way to do this is to type "Vehicles" into the Search for Anything bar, then select when prompted.

Here you can see a list of Vehicles we have already set up (including Custom Fields to record their Rego number, minimum height clearance and rego expiry) in our demo tenancy, but your page will be empty for now until we begin entering Vehicles.

Next, click +Add Vehicle and you will be presented with a page of fields to fill out. At a minimum, these fields will be the Name of the Vehicle and which Warehouses it operates from. However, using Custom Fields it is also possible to create extra fields that you can then use to capture information against the vehicle. In the example provided you will notice we have created Custom Fields for the Registration Number and if the vehicle has a Tail Lift platform or not plus others. The fields you create is entirely up to your operational requirements and some users may not to utilise these at all.

Once you have completed the fields select Save and the Vehicle will be created. A Success! banner will display on the browser to indicate this.

And that's it! Now when you allocate Consignments you will be able to select the Vehicle the consignment is being allocated to. You will also be able to reference the information entered against the vehicle when delivery with specific requirements arises. For example, a delivery to a parking lot with a height restriction, or to a shop front without a forklift.

For reporting purposes, the "Bulk Export Consignments" report will show which Vehicle was used for a Consignment, making it easy analyse how your fleet is performing.

Next Step: Setting up CartonCloud to automatically allocate Consignments