A fuel levy is a surcharge applied to your existing transport rates. In CartonCloud there are three levels at which the fuel levy can be adjusted. Control over whether a fuel levy is applied at all is controlled by the Transport Rate. 

How to activate the Fuel Levy 

To activate the fuel levy simply select the fuel icon (it will turn green) next to the applicable charge. You will need to do this for every applicable charge within the Transport Rate. The fuel icon will be green when it is being applied and will stay grey when it is not being applied. 

Fuel levy not active (no fuel levy will be applied to this charge): 

Fuel Levy Application Level 


Base Fuel Levy (Master %)

Applied to all transport rates within the account, unless overridden by the Rate Card or Transport Rate fuel levy. 
  • Found by typing 'Fuel Levy' in the Search for Anything bar and can be modified from this page by selecting Change beneath the levy. 

Rate Card Fuel Levy Offset

Applied to all Transport Rates within the Rate Card, unless overridden by the Transport Rate fuel levy. 
  • Navigate to the Rate Card page by typing Rate Card in the Search for anything bar.
  • If editing an existing Rate Card, select the applicable rate card and Edit at the bottom of the screen.

  • You will then be able to select if you wish to ignore the base fuel levy and create a new levy or add an offset to the base fuel levy.

Transport Rate Fuel Levy / Offset

Appliedd to all charges within that Transport Rate. 
  • Navigate to the Rate Card page by typing 'Rate Card' in the Search for anything bar.
  • Select the applicable Rate Card and then the applicable Transport Rate (from within the Transport Rates tab of the Rate Card) or create a new one. 
  • You can either configure the fuel levy to Rate (this will override all other set levies with the rate you input) or Offset (this will add an offset on top of the existing fuel levy (based on the above two levels)). 

Rate Card and Transport Rates Fuel Levy Options



Fuel Levy Offset (Rate Card & Transport Rate)

The amount that should be applied to the base fuel levy.

For example, if the base fuel levy is 12% but you wish a customer to always be 2% higher, you would apply a Fuel Levy Offset of 2% to their associated Rate Card.

On the other hand, if you require the customer to track 2% below the base fuel levy, you would apply an offset of -2%. 

Fuel Levy offsets can be set on both the Rate Card and Transport Rate and will be added together if set on both. 

Ignore Base Setting (Rate Card)If you just want to fix the fuel levy for a customer, then setting "Ignore Base Setting" to Yes will cause the Fuel Levy Offset to be applied to a base fuel levy of 0.
For example, if you want to charge a 7% fuel levy regardless of what your overall Fuel Levy is, then you would set "Ignore Base Setting" to Yes, and Fuel Levy Offset to 7%.
Rate (Transport Rate)From the dropdown menu, you can select either Offset or Rate. By selecting rate, you can apply a completely new fuel levy from the Rate Card and Base fuel levy. 

The below video covers how to apply a fuel levy.