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CartonCloud provides the flexibility to be able to rate almost every type of delivery you can think of.

The system has the ability to price consignments based on the following:

  • Per Pallet or Transport Product
  • Per Space
  • Distance
  • Weight
  • Cubic Measurement
  • Time Taken
  • Distance Travelled
  • Invoice Value
  • Plus much more

Since Transport rates can vary widely based on what your operation moves, where it goes or what agreements you have in place with customers, it's not possible for this article to give you an exact guide on implementing your existing rates structure. However, it does cover examples of how to set up the most common rating schemes within CartonCloud.

If your rates are outside the normal and you require further assistance implementing them in the system please reach out to us using the service desk and one of our onboarders can help you along the way.

Applying a Fuel Levy

CartonCloud allows you to charge a Fuel Levy to your customers which can be updated at any time.

It also allows you to charge different Fuel Levies to different customers, or exclude a customer all together from a Fuel Levy. This is achieved by overriding the tenancy level fuel levy by setting a Fuel levy in the Transport Rate.

The below video covers where to find these Fuel Levy settings and how to use them.

Creating Transport Rates 

Overview of Transport Rate Cards

Pallet Rates or Transport Products   

To fully understand the below video it is essential that you have already read and understood the Transport Products article.

Hourly Hire

Hourly Hire can be set up a couple of different ways within CartonCloud. 

In the video below we cover the two ways we recommend implementing hourly hire rates.

Per Kg Rates (including cubic weight conversion)

Adhoc Charges (Demurrage / Waiting time, DG Surcharges and more)


Surcharges can be set up to be applied to Transport Rates to provide further customisation and flexibility. For more information see out the Surcharges article.

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