If your operation does not use Service Types or only uses a General service you may skip this article.

For many Transport Operations Service Types are an important way of breaking up the pricing and urgency of your services. For most this may just be defined by a General and Express Service, while other operations may use other services such as Frozen, Chilled, Tail Lift, HIAB or Air Ride. 

Creating Service Types allows you to,

  • Charge differently for a Consignment based on its Service Type
  • Associate the level of urgency for delivery to a consignment

Service Types in CartonCloud are created as a Custom Field against Consignment Data. Therefore to configure your Service Types navigate to the Custom Fields page by typing "Custom Fields" in the Search for Anything! bar.

Next, select the Consignment Data tab.

Here you will be able to see the Custom Field that already exists for Service Type. To configure it, click on the pencil icon underneath Action.

By default, there is a General and Express service already created. You can now turn these on or off by selecting the green sliders  next to the fields. 

Adding a Service Type

You can  add new service types by clicking on the button, giving the new Service Type a name and then clicking  at the bottom of the page.

Setting a Default Service Type

By setting the default field to a service type you can define which service type a consignment should be created with by default. This is particularly useful for prepopulating the service type on consignments which are generated from sale orders.

What now?

Once a Service Type is created it will become available to be used when creating a Consignment. You will then also be able to create pricing specific to that Service Type within Transport Rates of Rate Cards. Both of which will be covered in later articles.

Next Step: Setting up Transport Rates