CartonCloud includes optimisation features to assist you in ordering your drivers deliveries. This article will introduce you to these features.

The following features will only be effective if the driver leaves consignment sort on the mobile app as "Default". If a driver elects to sort by proximity the below settings will not affect the driver's view of consignment order.

Automatically ordering all consignments on a Driver

Using this method you can automatically optimise the delivery order of consignments on a driver. However, it should be noted that this will reorder ALL consignments allocated to the driver, even if they are spread over multiple run sheets (for example a morning run and afternoon run). For this reason, you should carefully consider if this optimisation best suits your operation.

To begin, select Contacts in the main menu, followed by Drivers in the drop-down menu. Then, on the Driver's page, select the driver that you wish to optimise deliveries for.

Now, on the View Driver page, select the Map tab.

On this page, you are able to see all consignments allocated to the driver for the current day and the current delivery order. You can also change the date to see future deliveries using the Delivery Date filter at the top right.

From here, you should select a Starting Point and Ending Point if desired. These points can either be deliveries allocated to the driver (Select Consignment) or they can be any address that you set (by changing the type to Address, then Searching for or adding a new Address). A good example of when you might want to use an address as the start and end points would be setting the collection depot as the Start Point, and the driver's home address as the endpoint, therefore allowing them to finish there run closest to home and preserve fuel & time (in the case he drives his vehicle home).

In the example above we have a delivery run to supermarkets around the Gold Coast starting from the CartonCloud office in Burleigh Heads, you will notice that initially the delivery order takes the driver on an inefficient route, and requires them to double back.

After optimising the consignments, remembering to Save Consignment Order, the run is now in the most efficient delivery order possible based on geographical location Note: There is no direct road between points 3 & 5 due to waterways.

Reordering Consignments Manually for a Driver

If you want to manually change the order of deliveries on a driver yourself (perhaps due to Express service levels) this can be done by dragging the addresses into the desired order, then selecting Save Consignment Order, as shown in the animation below.

Reordering Consignments Manually on a Run Sheet

The same process of manually reordering consignments as shown in the animation above can be used on a Run Sheet (in the case that a driver is allocated multiple Run Sheets). 

To reorder consignments per Run Sheet, select Transport in the main menu, followed by Run Sheets in the drop-down menu.

Then, select the Run Sheet you wish to change the delivery order on.

Now on the View Run sheet page select the Map tab.

You can now reorder the consignments by dragging them into the preferred order. Once completed, select Save Consignment Order for the changes to take effect.

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