Learning to use CartonCloud to efficiently allocate consignments within your transport operation is an important part of the TMS setup. Becoming comfortable with this area of the system can save operators hours of the day to focus on other tasks.

The articles within this section aim to make you familiar with the options CartonCloud provides for consignment allocation.

What are Run Sheets in CartonCloud?

When consignments are allocated to drivers CartonCloud will automatically produce a new Run Sheet (unless you allocate to an already existing Run Sheet).

This Run Sheet is a list of the consignments going with a single driver. This means that the deliveries for a day going to the Delivery Run "Gold Coast" might be split up across multiple Run Sheets (East, North, West), as each Run sheet is allocated to a different driver. 

To put it briefly, a run sheet is a list of jobs that are going on one driver for that day, and typically they're broken into different areas.

This could also mean for example that a driver could end up with multiple run sheets for a single day. For example, imagine a driver who services hospital deliveries in the morning using the run sheet "Gold Coast Hospital Run" and then services supplier collections in the afternoon, using a different run sheet which might be called "Gold Coast Supplier Collections".

Important Information about Allocating

  • To allow a driver to see a consignment and get an electronic POD - all that's required is the consignment allocated to that drivers name.
  • Drivers are created through the Creating New Users process and must be marked as a Driver to be allocated to and for Mobile App access.
  • Physically allocating a consignment to a driver can be done from a number of places. The following videos and articles will cover these and suggest what will work best for you based on your operation.

Next Step: Checklist before Allocating