Before we get into Transport or Warehousing specifics, it is important that you understand how charging in CartonCloud works.

In CartonCloud all the prices/rates you charge a customer are controlled by a Rate Card and you can set Rate Cards to be used by just a single Customer, multiple Customers, or all of your Customers, depending on how you want to charge for your services.

For example, you may have three levels of service prices such as A-list, B-list, C-list, or you may have different pricing for every Customer, in which case you might name the rate card "Customer Name Rates 2020", finally, you might use the same rates for all your Customers, in which case you might just make a card named "Default 2020".

Initially in CartonCloud, your tenancy is created with just a single Rate Card named "Default". When Customers are created they are set to use the "Default" rate card, however, you can choose to change this setting.

At this stage, we will create a Rate Card for the "Test Customer" you created in the last article, and then configure that Customer to use it.

To create a new Rate Card, navigate to the Rate Card page by selecting in More in the main menu, followed by Rate Cards. Here you will see the default Rate Card that came with your tenancy.

Now, select Add New Rate Card. At this stage, let's only name the Rate Card by filling in the Name field with "Test Customer 2020", leave all other fields as-is.

Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

You will arrive on the View Rate Card page for the "Test Customer" rate card.

From here, you can browse through the tabs and see all the available rate settings that can be configured for a Rate Card. The purpose of some settings are obvious by their name reading the name, while others may require you to check with the documentation to understand fully. We will cover how to configure the most used Rate Cards settings later on in this setup guide, however, be aware that if you are ever unsure what a setting is for you can refer to the View Rate Card support article.

Before moving on, remember that our "Test Customer" was created before our "Test Customer 2020" Rate Card. So the Test Customer is still using our default rates. To change this, navigate to the View Customer page for the "Test Customer" by typing its name into the Search for anything! bar.

Then, on the View Customer page, select Edit.

Finally, click on the Rate Card box currently named "Default", select our new rate card "Test Customer 2020" and click Save.

The browser will quickly refresh, however, the "Test Customer 2020" rate should stay in the box. 

Now our Test Customer will always use the "Test Customer 2020" Rate Card, and although this Rate Card isn't completely configured yet, we will cover how to do this later in the setup guide.

Additional control surrounding pricing can be implemented when it comes time to Invoice the customer. This will be detailed further in the Invoicing sections of this guide.

Next step: 

If you are running both the Warehouse and Transport modules or just the Warehouse module, your next step is: Setting up the WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Otherwise, if you are running only the Transport module of CartonCloud, your next step is: Setting up the TMS (Transport Management System)