Becoming familiar with CartonCloud's interface is one of the biggest hurdles when learning the system, as the layout will initially be completely foreign to you it is only natural that finding a button or input field will take much longer in the beginning than it does later on.

For this reason, we've created a video providing an overview of the CartonCloud User Interface, along with some helpful tips to help you make the most of it.

User Interface Video Overview

Search for Anything!

In CartonCloud, you can use our global search tool to search for anything. This means Menu's, references for Track and Trace and much more. Some examples of this are: Consignments, Sale Orders, Purchase Orders and Addresses.

The Search Box appears up the top next to your Organisations name:

 Currently, our search engine cannot search for strings shorter than three characters, including words in any given search.
 For Example: "470 ly" count as 3 and 2, so it won't be able to find any matches. In order to have a match, you should be looking for "470 lyn" instead.

Refine your Results:
You can also refine your search to a particular 'type', using keywords:

Delivery Run
Purchase Order
Sale Order
Warehouse Location

For instance to search Consignments going to IGA Burleigh Heads:
"Consignment IGA Burleigh Heads "

Next Step: Organisation Settings Basics