What are Address Strings?

Most WMS/TMS systems allow for a different address to be recorded for the same location multiple times. The problem with this is when you book a delivery to a location with multiple addresses you have to guess which address is accurate.

In CartonCloud we've solved this problem using Address Strings. You can think of Address Strings as an alias for the actual address in the system's address book.

When orders are entered into CartonCloud a new address will be created, however, if the address matches a current address you will be prompted to allocate the address to the existing address (this new address will become an address string). 

For example, in the diagram above, imagine each Address String has been created by a customer entering a new order. In CartonCloud, once you allocate each Address String to the correct system address, the address string will always point to it from that point on.

In the example provided you can see how this would be beneficial as sometimes details are incorrect, such as the spelling in Address String 2, or incomplete, like street details in Address String 3.

Once these three address strings have been allocated to the address in the system, the delivery will always be marked with the correct address when those address strings are used.

When inputting an address for the first time make sure the address follows the below format: 

Company Name, Street, Suburb, Postcode, State

If you do not provide at a minimum the street name and postcode, CartonCloud will request you to allocate the address to an address string. 

If an address with an existing Address String is imported with either a completely new or updated email and/or telephone number, then the Address String will be updated with the changes. 

Allocating Address Strings

For information on how to allocate an Address String please click here

Introduction to Addresses

This video covers the basics of Addresses in CartonCloud including how to create them. We suggest following along with the video to create a few Addresses of your own within your CartonCloud tenancy.


  • 0:00 - Adding an Address
  • 1:13 - Address Email (Sending PODs to the Address)
  • 1:44 - Address Geocoding
  • 2:52 - Merging Addresses
  • 3:40 - Starring an Address
  • 4:12 - Address Comments
  • 5:13 - Address Strings
  • 6:29 - Bulk Importing Addresses

Next step: Introduction to Custom Fields