CartonCloud charges for three different things:

  1. Weekly license fees (plus any paid add-ons)
  2. Training / Custom Development / Phone Support (when going over plan inclusions).
  3. Initial Setup / Training (paid at the time of joining with CartonCloud)

Email support is available:, fair use applies (see below).

Prices are charged in either AUD or NZD depending on where you are based (Australia or New Zealand).

Plans are the same price in both currencies (we're not currently adjusting prices based on local currency), meaning a client in Australia may spend $199 + GST AUD, while a client doing the same volume in New Zealand would pay $199 + GST NZD.

Weekly License Fees

Please contact us at for more information.

Integration Charges (Valid From 1 July 2019)

Our current integration charges are available CLICK HERE

Above rates exclude the following:

Adjustments to existing parsers or other integrations (including fixing issues if the format changes) :$180 + GST minimum / $180 + GST Per Hour

Third-party FTP server setup : $540 + GST flat fee (no charge for using CartonCloud FTP server)

Testing / Support / Training : $180 + GST Per Hour

Development Charges

We're able to provide customised development for our clients. Many minor work-flow customisations we're able to perform with Bolts. Customised development of features or changes which cannot be handled through bolts requires requirement gathering, scoping and then development.

DescriptionUOMAUD (ex GST)

Customising Work-Flow or Pricing through Bolts.Per Hour$540 per year.

Customised Development for features that cannot be solved with Bolts

Examples include:
Creating customised export formats for Run Sheets or Reports
Customised workflows and/or features that the software requires.

Per Hour

Minimum Requirements Gathering / Scoping Fee: $500

Minimum Development Fee: $2,500

Labels & Document Templates

Label format Change (either PDF or ZPL).Per Hour$180 Per Hour

Support, Training and Project Management

Remote (phone, screen-share, account management etc)

Remote support covers any support and training with the account other than direct replies to emails (see Email Support Fair Use below to understand inclusions).

Examples are:

  • Phone support and training to assist with detailed queries. Often this can stem from an email request which requires a more detailed answer than what can be provided in a short email.
  • Reworking and importing data, configuring rates, or assisting to diagnose a configuration problem with a Parser, FTP, Email address, Rate etc (diagnosing an issue which is configuration based). For example, if we're given rate cards to import.
  • Managing an account to ensure that daily processes are being followed and kept up to date. This service is opt-in/out as needed and most often occurs immediately after a go-live in which additional management is required to ensure that staff are using the CartonCloud system correctly. Depending on how many hours were used during the initial implementation, this time may be covered under the remaining initial implementation time, however if initial implementation time was consumed during implementation this task is considered remote project management.

DescriptionUOMAUD (ex GST)
Remote Support (phone, screen-share etc)

Ad-Hoc Support / TrainingPer Hour$110 (charged in 15 minute blocks)
25 Hours of Support / Training25 hours pre-paid$2612.50 (5% saving)
50 Hours of Support / Training50 hours pre-paid$4,950.00 (10% saving)
100 Hours of Support / Training100 hours pre-paid$9,680.00 (12% saving)
Need larger blocks? Contact Support for quotes.

Onsite (person on the ground at your premises)

If you require further training and assistance with implementing CartonCloud, training staff, or implementing process changes, we have expert staff available to assist at your premises.

DescriptionUOMAUD (ex GST)
On site training (note: excludes travel costs).

Hourly - (note: travel time charged at 50% rate)Per Hour$180 (charged in 1-hour blocks)
Day Rate (8 hours) - note, travel time is additionalPer Day$1,282.50 (11% discount)
Day Rate (5 Day Minimum, 8 hours per day) - note, travel time is additionalPer Day

$1,215 (15% discount)

Travel Costs

Driving (Personal or CartonCloud Vehicle)

Car Rental

Per KM (AU)

Per Day

$0.66 (AU) / $0.70 (NZ)

Vehicle costs are passed on

FlightsPer FlightAirline costs are passed on
AccommodationPer NightAccommodation costs are passed on
Food and incidentalsPer EventFood and incidentals are passed on at cost
Administration FeeOne Off$180.00
  • Please note you will be invoiced in two stages. 
    • Set Labor hours and known fixed costs (please note flights will not be booked until such time as the initial invoice has been paid)
    • Travel incidentals and additional labour hours.
  • Cancellation of onsite training will result in any unavoidable costs (such as airline cancellation levies) being passed on along with the Administration Fee
  • Cancellation with less than two working days notice will incur 33% of Set Labor hours, unavoidable costs being passed on and the Administration Fee

Initial Setup / Training

Our current setup fees are available CLICK HERE

Initial setup hours are available for depletion for 26 weeks from the first weekly invoice. 

Paid Add-Ons

Special software features which are available for an additional fee.

Add-onPrice (ex GST)
EDI Gateway ConnectivityContact Support to discuss
SSCC label generation$500 per year, per customer (payable 12 months in advance)


Per Year, Per CustomerWithin each CartonCloud account, each customer which has the functionality enabled will invoke another charge. For example, if you're a 3PL warehouse with 10 customers, and 2 of them require SSCC label generation, you would enable SSCC label generation within each of the two customers requiring it. CartonCloud would then bill you $1000 + GST ($500 x 2) for enabling this feature, and it will remain available for 12 months before being invoiced again.


Email Support Fair Use

Email support is intended to provide quick answers to common queries. This normally results in us providing a link to existing documentation in our Knowledge Base which provides complete detailed instructions regarding the query raised.

Email support (and replies) are great for:

  • Asking a short question which can be answered concisely, for example: "How do I deactivate my Driver named Mark Wahlberg?"
  • Reporting a suspected bug or issue with the system (please provide screenshots and steps on how you got where you did!)

Email support is not designed for asking detailed, complex questions that require an in-depth understanding of your particular use case. For example:

"I need to configure a large number of onforwarders, I've read through all your documentation but I'm still unsure of the correct way to go about connecting the supplier rates"

This question is extremely broad. A support call is required to understand the process, the required outcome, and then assist to implement. In this case, our email support staff will come back advising that a training/support call is required in order to determine how to handle this situation (this is chargeable at the Remote Support rates listed above).

To prevent unnecessary delays in us confirming you accept the charging for support, this question should be phrased as:

"I need to configure a large number of onforwarders, I've read through all your documentation but I'm still unsure of the correct way to go about connecting the supplier rates.
Can you please book me in for a training slot with one of your staff so they can take me through this?"

We can then move immediately to book in a training slot with one of our staff.

Account Cancellation

Unless otherwise specified, as per our Terms of Service accounts can be cancelled with 30 days notice (invoices generated during the following 30 days are payable).
Once an account is cancelled, the account is deactivated (no longer accessible), however, it can be reactivated within 12 months and data reinstated. After this time the account, and all of the associated data, is deleted and cannot be recovered.
Account reactivation is charged at the current account setup fee and includes, and is treated as a new account setup.

Overdue Accounts / Account Deactivation

Accounts overdue by more than 14 days will be temporarily disabled until payments are up to date.
Weekly charges for the system will continue to be generated until we receive a written notification requesting account cancellation (30 days notice). Note: This means if your account becomes more than 14 days overdue, account access will be disabled, however, the system will continue to import chargeable jobs via Email, FTP, API etc. This prevents data-loss from occurring during the deactivation period.

Implementation Support Time - Engagement

Your on-boarders are busy people who are working with multiple customers every week. This means their schedules are carefully managed to make sure they are available to assist you at agreed times.

When requesting time with one of the on-boarding team please provide as much notice as is possible; it is common these guys are operating on a back-to-back schedule for a number of days. If your request is urgent you can also reach out to the support team on / Australia 1300 138 871 / New Zealand 0800 004 133.

Conversely, if an appointment needs to be cancelled or re-booked - please provide as much notice as is possible to allow us time to communicate with other customers to take your allotted spot.

Do please note: Whilst we understand the demanding environment of the transport and logistics industry, in particular, unexpected time demands: in the case, an appointment is cancelled with less than one working days notice and an alternative appointment for the same time-slot cannot be secured with another CartonCloud customer - the appointment time will be deducted from your available implementation time (or you will be invoiced for the time if you are on a pay per hour implementation plan).