In addition to regular Scan Picking & Packing the CartonCloud mobile apps also supports Creating a Wave Pick for a single Customer, allowing the user to pick multiple Sale Orders at once in "waves".

For more information on the General Scan Picking functionality check out this article: Scan Picking

Please note that the Wave Picking Picking functionality is only available to mobile app users that have been assigned a "Packer" role through the CartonCloud web app. Users whose permission level is only set to "Driver" will not be able to access this functionality.

For more information on User Modes please check out this article: User Modes

If you're not a Packer but would like to access the Scan Picking functionality, use the Demo Mode available on the app login screen to get the chance to trial this feature.

More information about Demo Mode: Demo Account

For information on how to connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner to your iOS device please check out this article: Connect a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

There are three types of Wave Picking: Combination, Split Pick and Pack and Bulk Picking. For more information on these picking types see the primary Wave Picking article.

The Wave Pick type is selected at the type of creating the Wave Pick within the CartonCloud web application and is explained further in the article: Creating a Wave Pick for a single Customer.