When receiving a Purchase Order, sometimes the quantity received does not match the Purchase Order's initial quantity due to some products being on backorder or the order is being split over multiple shipments. Split receiving will move the unconfirmed products onto a new Purchase Order, enabling Packers to process only what has arrived.

This feature is available for both Packers and Administrators through either the mobile app or the web app. Specifically, this feature is located within the Purchase Order verification stage.

Video Overview

Turning on the Split Purchase Order Feature

This feature must be turned on for each Customer that you wish to allow the functionality for. 

  • To turn it on for a Customer, select Contacts in the main menu, followed by Customers in the drop-down menu.
  • Now select the Customer you wish to turn the feature on for.
  • From the View Customer page, select Edit near the bottom left of the page. 
  • Navigate to the Warehouse Management tab, followed by the Purchase Order subtab.
  • Check the box shown in the image below to allow split receiving.

Split receiving a Purchase Order 

Once the feature has been enabled mobile users can split purchase orders during the putaway process.

To begin, navigate to the Purchase Order you are receiving that you wish to split and mark it is as received. 


Stock is now ready to be verified. To verify a product select it on the screen.

In this example, we are going to mark the "Rich Columbia Blend" as verified, as the truck has arrived with the "Wonder of Brazil" pallet missing.

Now when verifying the Purchase Order Products on the screen if only a partial amount of stock is selected an option will appear to Split Receiving.

If the split receiving button does not appear for you at this stage, then you have not yet turned on split receiving for the customer in their settings. To do so, refer to the Turning on the split receiving feature.

Upon selecting Split Receiving a prompt will appear to check if you wish to proceed with the split. 

To proceed, select Create. The split Purchase order will be created.

A message will appear at the bottom of the screen letting you know the Purchase Order ID of the order created by the split.

Extra Functionality on the Web App

Further functionality surrounding splitting Purchase Orders, specifically for tracking them is available within the web app. For more information please see - Splitting a Purchase Order