In CartonCloud it is possible to configure the mobile application to enforce a strict process for packing and put away.

This configuration is completed within the web app Organisation Settings.


To enable strict processes, in the main menu of CartonCloud, navigate to MoreOrganisation Settings.

Then, navigate to the Warehouse tab.

Within each section of Sale Order and Purchase Order configurations, there are settings to control how strict the verification and packing process should be. By default, these settings are disabled.

Sale Orders

  • Prevent Sale Orders from being finished if products exist that have not been packed yet: Stops packers from being able to "finish packing" a Sale Order that has some products whose expected quantities haven't been confirmed packed yet. By default, this is allowed and will automatically set all products of the Sale Order to the expected packed quantity, even if they have not yet been confirmed in the app.
  • Enforce Strict Process: Packers will be required to first scan a location, then a product to confirm its quantity. They can not simply select a product from the Sale Order's product list and confirm its quantity.

Purchase Orders

  • Prevent Purchase Orders from being verified if unconfirmed quantities exist: Stops warehouse staff from being able to verify a purchase order as entered the warehouse if it contains unconfirmed product quantities. By default, this is possible and automatically confirms the product quantities with their current values, even if that means confirming a product with quantity 0.
  • Enforce Strict Process: Warehouse staff will be required to first scan a product, then proceed with either verifying or allocating the scanned product. In the case of allocation, this requires either a location scan or a manual location search. In the case of verifying, the product quantity needs to be confirmed.

The web app settings mentioned above cannot be modified from within the mobile app, meaning Packers cannot adjust whether or not to follow a strict process.


If enforce strict process is enabled then pickers will be forced to scan each product out of the warehouse as quantities cannot be entered manually. 

If you have not specified a barcode value when creating products in CartonCloud then the system will automatically populate the field of the base unit of measure with its product code.

Mobile App Behaviour

Should any of the strict settings have been applied, the mobile app user will be informed about the steps to successfully pack or confirm a product (see example screenshots below).

Strict Processes

The following processes are the ones being enforced should the corresponding strict setting have been activated:

Scan Picking (Sale Orders)

  • Pack:
    • 1. Scan Location
    • 2. Scan Product

Scan Putaway (Purchase Orders)

  • Verify: 
    • 1. Scan Product
    • 2. Confirm Product Quantities (may happen automatically if only one product matches scanned product barcode)
  • Allocate:
    • 1. Scan Product
    • 2. Scan Location (or use Manual Location Entry)

Screenshot Examples

For more information on the Scan Picking and Putaway processes, please check out these articles:

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