When a CartonCloud user is in the Delivering mode, they are able to record PODs for any jobs assigned to them in the CartonCloud system.

For more information on the various user modes in the CartonCloud mobiles apps, check out this article: User Modes

Video Overview

Record POD Shortcut

From the Consignment List, swiping on an individual Consignment or a group of Consignments shows the driver the option of recording a POD. Selecting this means the driver is redirected directly to the Record POD tab in the Consignment Detail View and can start recording a POD.

For more information on how to use the Record POD shortcut from the Consignment List, check out this article: Consignment List View

Consignment Detail View

On selecting a row in the list view, you will be forwarded to the Consignment Detail View which presents you with more information about the Consignment. In the case of grouped Consignments, tapping on the group's main row (the one containing the counter button) will again forward you to the Consignment Detail View. This time though the details of all the consignments contained within the group will be displayed, one after another, the same way they would be presented if you grouped consignments manually through the "Group Consignments" menu option.

Within the Consignment Detail View, choose the Record POD tab at the top of the view to enter the POD view.

Record Information

The information that needs to be recorded as part of a POD depends on various factors, including type of Consignment (e.g. Pickup, Delivery), organisation settings etc.

For more information on recording PODs for consignment groups, check out this article: Consignment Grouping Via Mobile - Collecting a POD

Delivered / Picked Up Quantities

Depending on the type of Consignment (whether items are to be picked up or delivered), the header on this section either says "Delivered" or "Picked Up".

The expected quantities as per the Consignment details are preloaded but can be adjusted by the driver if needed - i.e. delivering more or fewer items than expected, or different items (e.g. pallets rather than cartons). This could be required when a consignment is entered with incorrect data, or the collection point did not have all of the stock available.

If a consignment contained many types of Consignment items such as the example below they will be listed on separate lines within this view.

To mark a single line as delivered, select its box, for example, to mark Cartons as delivered in the example below the box surrounded in red would be selected.

To mark all items as delivered, select the "Delivered in full" box.

If the quantities recorded as part of the POD vary from the expected quantities, an alert will pop up when submitting the POD, confirming why the adjustment happened. For more information on this behaviour check out this article: Lodging an Error - When the Consignment is Partially Deliverable

Recipient Signature and/or Invoice Photos

For a standard delivery Consignment (i.e. not an Authority To Leave Consignment), you need to either collect a signature from the recipient or take a photo of the paper invoice (with the recipient's signature on it, if required). One or both of these actions need to be completed to be able to submit the POD.

Multiple invoice photos can be submitted if desired (up to 5).

Sale Order Product Details

If the consignment you are recording a POD for has been generated from a Warehouse Sale Order then it is possible to view the products as they were listed on that Sale Order. This is useful for when a customer wants to check the contents of a consignment but the actual consignment is only recorded based on the packaging (e.g. cartons).

This feature requires a setting to be enabled for the Customer who owns the consignment:

Enabling Sale Order details for a specific Customer

  • In the main menu of the Web app go to Contacts > Customers
  • Search for and select the Customer you wish to enable this feature for
  • Now on the View Customer page, select Edit at the bottom left of the page
  • Select the Transport Management tab, followed by the POD sub-tab
  • Scroll down to the setting Show Sale Order details for Consignment on Mobile, then set it to "Yes"
  • Select Save at the bottom of the page for the change to be applied
  • The button will now appear on the Consignments record POD screen, provided the consignment has been generated from a Sale Order.

Enabling Sale Order details for all Customers (By default Customers are set to use the Organisation setting)

  • In the main menu of the Web app go to More > Organisation Settings
  • Select the Transport tab, then scroll down to the Other Transport Settings section
  • Scroll down to the setting Show Sale Order details for Consignment on Mobile, then select it to be ticked
  • Select Save at the bottom of the page for the change to be applied
  • The button will now appear on the Consignments record POD screen, provided the consignment has been generated from a Sale Order.

On the Record POD screen of this consignment, the Driver is given the necessary transport information that this consignment contains 9 Cartons.

However, the receiver needs to know what is inside the Cartons before signing, and the driver does not have any additional paperwork on them to verify the contents.

Luckily, the Display Sale Order Products feature has been enabled for this customer, so when the driver selects Tap to record signature the following screen displays.

The driver can then select the View Product Details button and the contents of the Cartons will appear on the screen, based on the information entered on the Sale Order from which the consignment was generated.

Pickup Details

For a Pickup Consignment, recipient details are optional and the POD can be submitted without collecting them. To collect recipient details as part of the POD, select the Record pickup details checkbox and enter the required details.

Leave Without Signature

If "Authority to Leave" has been enabled for the Consignment, an additional checkbox will be displayed on the Record POD view. On selecting this checkbox, recipient signature (or invoice photo) and recipient details are no longer required when submitting the POD. Now, information about where the stock was left is required - by adding the leave location text and taking a photo of the location. Both of these are required before submitting an Authority To Leave POD.

Recipient Details

The required (and optional) recipient details fields can be defined in the CartonCloud web app under Organisation Settings > Mobile App. The fields defined here will then be displayed on the mobile app for the driver to fill in when submitting a POD. Some fields may be required while others can be set as optional.

PODs cannot be submitted with missing required fields.

Adhoc Charges

When recording a POD for a Consignment and if there are adhoc charges available, an optional tick box will be displayed as part of the POD view. 

The tick box is automatically selected if values have been previously entered for any of the adhoc charges. The values for the adhoc charges can be edited by tapping the value fields (or in the case of a timer also starting / stopping / resetting the timer).

For more information on Consignment Adhoc Charges, check out this article: Consignment Adhoc Charges - POD + Adhoc Charges

Cash On Delivery

If the consignment requires Cash On Delivery or has the option of collecting Cash On Delivery, the POD view will display an additional checkbox called Record Cash On Delivery. If COD is required, the POD cannot be submitted without the driver confirming that the required COD has been collected.

For more information on how to collect Cash On Delivery on the CartonCloud mobile app check out this article: Cash On Delivery


If an error needs to be lodged against a consignment, this can be done by selecting "I need to record an error" and then selecting the Save POD button. You will then be taken through the process of lodging an error.

For more information on how to lodge an error as part of a POD, check out this article: Lodging an Error

Submit POD

To submit a POD, select the Save POD button at the bottom of the Record POD view.

The POD upload will consequently be displayed in the Outbox tab under the Pending Items section header until the upload has either been successfully completed or failed.

Successful POD Upload

If a POD upload is successful, it will no longer show in the Outbox list and the corresponding consignment will be removed from the Consignment list unless the "Show Completed" option has been selected in the Consignment List filter. If this filter has been activated, completed Consignments will be highlighted with a green background.

Failed POD Upload

If a POD upload has failed, the Outbox tab will display a number representing the number of failed uploads. Additionally, all failed POD uploads will be listed in the Outbox list under the Proof of Delivery section header.

To obtain more information on why the upload failed, swipe left on the POD upload you are interested in, and choose Show Error.

From the swipe menu, you can also choose to delete the POD or retry the POD upload. Similarly, tapping Retry All on top of the view will retry uploading all failed uploads in the Outbox list.

Choosing Delete will permanently delete the POD, including any signatures or photos collected as part of the POD.

Moreover, Consignments with failed uploads will remain in the Consignment List and are highlighted with a yellow background.

For more information on Consignment statuses and their highlighting, check out this article: Consignment Status Colours