Consignment Grouping on the mobile app allows a driver to collect one Proof Of Delivery for several consignments at once. 

How to Group Consignments

Consignments can be easily grouped by selecting the "Grouping" menu button in the navigation bar.

Grouping Mode

While in the "Grouping Mode", all jobs in the consignments list will be displayed in the same way as in the standard list view. On selecting consignments to be added to the group, these consignments will be highlighted in blue.

In the example below, 3 consignments have been selected for grouping.

Two buttons are shown at the bottom of the view:

  • Group: Select this to group the selected consignments.
  • Cancel: Select this to cancel the grouping.

Selecting An Address Group

If you select an address group as part of your consignment grouping, all the consignments it contains will automatically added to the grouping as well.

In the example below, an individual consignment and an address group have been selected. Therefore, on selecting the "Group" button, a total of 4 consignments will be grouped together - the 1 individual consignment plus the 3 consignments contained within the address group.

Grouping Consignments

Upon selecting the "Group" button, you will be forwarded straight to the consignment detail view, which now contains all selected consignments, one after another. Simply scroll down to see all the consignments in the group.

Note how the header of the view shows "Consignment Group" to ensure you are aware you are looking at grouped consignments rather than an individual consignment.

If you select "Group" without having selected at least two consignments, a warning will be displayed and you won't be forwarded to the consignment detail view.

Cancelling a Grouping

A consignment grouping can be cancelled by either selecting the "Cancel" button while in the "Grouping Mode", or by simply selecting the back button (arrow on the top left of the view) once you are in the grouped consignment detail view.

Once cancelled, the grouping will be dissolved.

Allowed Consignment Groupings

As you select consignments and then attempt to group them, a warning may appear informing you that your selection is not valid. This can happen in several cases:

  • Trying to group a Point To Point consignment: it is not possible to group a Point To Point consignment
  • Trying to group consignments of various different types: it is not possible to for example group a Delivery consignment with a Pickup consignment
  • Trying to group consignments requiring Cash On Delivery: it is not possible to group COD consignment

Collecting a POD

Once you have grouped consignments, collecting a joint POD for all of them is straightforward. Simply select the "Record POD" tab and continue as normal - e.g. collecting number of cartons, signature and recipient details as required. Then select "Save POD" and the POD will be submitted to CartonCloud, consequently marking all consignments of the group as delivered / picked up.

You will notice that the number of for example cartons displayed at the top of the "Record POD" view is the combined value of all grouped consignments. In the example above, the POD was collected for 2 grouped consignments, one with 2 cartons to deliver and the second one with 10 cartons to deliver, therefore displaying 12 cartons as the total number for the POD.

Recipient Signature and / or Invoice Photos

For a standard delivery Consignments (i.e. not Authority To Leave Consignments), either a signature or an invoice photo needs to be collected from the recipient. One or both of these actions need to be completed to be able to submit the POD. 


A signature collected for a group of consignments is automatically recorded as part of the proof of delivery against all consignments in the group.

Invoice Photos

In addition to a signature (or as an alternative), invoice photos can be collected as part of the group POD. First, tap on any of the photo buttons ( + ), then choose either a single consignment from the group to attach the invoice to or Select All to attach the same invoice photo to all consignments in the group. If a single consignment has been chosen, the selection needs to be confirmed. Then, a photo can be taken or chosen from the device library.

On saving a POD for a group of consignment WITHOUT a signature but WITH invoice photos, the app validates that at least one invoice photo has been recorded for each consignment. If an attempt is made to save a POD without an invoice photo against all consignments (or a signature), an error message will be shown, advising about next steps.

Recording Adhoc Charges 

When recording Adhoc Charges for a grouped consignment an alert will be displayed to notify you that the adhoc charges will be applied to all consignments in the group. To submit adhoc charges for individual consignments in the grouping you will need to select the applicable consignment from the consignment list and add the adhoc charges from there. 

In the Adhoc Charges TabIn the recording POD Tab

Failed POD Upload

Should the upload of the POD fail, you will notice only one upload item for the whole group in the outbox - the combined POD. The failed consignments though are highlighted as failed individuals in the consignment list. On successful retry all consignments that were part of the group will be removed from the consignment list.

Lodging an Error

No error can be lodged against grouped consignments.