The CartonCloud mobile app offers two user modes, "Delivering" and "Picking". Depending on what roles a user has been assigned via the CartonCloud web app, one or both of these user modes may be available.

Relevant User Roles

  • Driver
  • Packer

These user roles are assigned to each user within the CartonCloud web app by a system administrator. To be able to log into the CartonCloud mobile app at least one of these roles must have been assigned to you. Should you only have one role assigned to you, you will not be presented with all of the options to choose or switch your user mode mentioned below. You will simply be operating in your assigned space (e.g. Packers will not have the Delivering option unless they are also a Driver).


Each user role does come with some limitations in regards to what functionality is accessible within the app while you are operating in the corresponding user mode.

For example, while in "Picking" mode you will not be able to optimise routes, allocate jobs or collect PODs. Similarly, while in "Delivering" mode you won't be able to pack Sale Orders.

Choose User Mode

Upon logging into the CartonCloud app you will be presented with a dialogue allowing you to choose the initial user mode you want to be operating in. If you choose to cancel this view, the default selection of "Delivering" will be applied (or Picking if you do not have Driver privileges).

Should you only have been assigned a Driver role, you will not be given an option to choose your user mode but will be directly forwarded to the appropriate user mode (Delivering).

Switch User Mode

To switch the current user mode, open the main slide-in menu and choose "Switch Mode". This will then open a view with user-mode options. Select the save button (blue ticks in the top right corner) to confirm your selection and update the app content accordingly.

Should you only have been assigned one user role, you will not have the option to switch the current user mode.