The CartonCloud mobile apps offer users without an existing CartonCloud account the option to explore the mobile apps at their leisure. Using the demo account login, users have access to all the functionality that the CartonCloud apps offer, on a limited set of sample consignments.

Accessing the Demo Account

The Demo Account can easily be accessed from the app's login screen. 

Select the Demo account button at the bottom of the screen and you will be logged in to the demo account.

Any information entered into either the "Email" or "Password" field will be disregarded upon selecting the Demo Account button.

You will then be prompted to select a User mode. Each user modes documentation is linked below to assist. For more information on switching user modes see the article: User Modes

Once logged in as the Demo user, the slide-in menu (activated by the menu button in the top-left position on the navigation bar) will display "Demo User" as the user name.

Contact CartonCloud

Throughout the app, while logged in as the Demo user you will notice "Contact CartonCloud" buttons at the bottom of your screen. These buttons do not appear in the app when a "normal" sign-in is used. They are simply provided for the Demo Account to facilitate interested new users to contact the CartonCloud team. 

Upon selecting any of the contact buttons, you will be presented with several options - either call CartonCloud directly or email us, or alternatively request to be contacted by entering your contact details.

Sample Consignments

A set selection of consignments is provided for the Demo Account. These have been chosen to represent various different types of consignments possible in CartonCloud.

You will notice a mixture of standard Delivery, Pickup, Onforwarder and Point-To-Point jobs - some with Cash On Delivery (COD) options, some with Blank Proof of Delivery (POD) options etc.

On every refresh of consignments within the Demo Account. the consignments will be completely reloaded, independent of whether jobs have been previously completed within the app. The selection of sample consignments is not only based on their types but also their locations. Assuming the user has given the app access to their current location, consignments in a major city near the current location will be chosen. If no location access has been granted (or you find yourself in the middle of the Outback, a long way away from any major city), consignments from a random city will be loaded.

Sample Sale Orders (iOS only)

A set selection of sale orders is provided for the Demo Account while operating in Picking mode.

For more information on how to switch user modes, check out this article: User Modes

For more information on how Scan Picking works, check out this article: Scan Picking

On every refresh of sale orders within the Demo Account. the sale orders will be completely reloaded, independent of what packing status they are currently in.

Barcode Cheat Sheet

To enable you to make the most of Picking mode, we have compiled a "cheat sheet" containing barcodes for the warehouse locations and products used in the Demo account.

Please find the PDF for download below:


Sample Push Notifications

In order to introduce new users to the way that CartonCloud handles Push Notifications, sample Push Notifications are provided within the Demo Account.

Want to know more about how Push Notifications work in CartonCloud? Check out this article: Push Notifications

Drop-Down Notification

On login into the Demo Account, a sample drop-down Push Notification will be displayed after a certain amount of time (1 min) has passed.

Notification List

Every time the consignment list is refreshed, a number of random notifications will be generated and displayed in the Notifications view which can be accessed via the slide-in menu.

Available Functionality

All standard functionality is available for users of the Demo Account. As a demo user you will still be able to submit PODs and Invoice Photos, lodge errors, optimize your route, group consignments, pack sale Orders etc.

Please check out "Limitations / What is Different" below for information on a few things that are handled differently for the Demo Account.

As mentioned previously it is important to note that all consignments will be completely reloaded on refreshing the consignment list, dropping all changes you have made previously.

Limitations / What Is Different

  • POD / Invoice Photo / Error Uploads: PODs, Invoice Photos and Errors can be generated as normal and will be submitted to the server as per the standard app behaviour. Please note though that these uploads will be dropped by the server upon receiving them from the Demo Account, meaning they won't be stored in CartonCloud.
  • Push Notifications: Unlike standard accounts, the demo account is not registered to receive Push Notifications from the CartonCloud web app as changes are made to relevant consignments. Please see above ("Sample Push Notifications") on how to still get a taste for how CartonCloud handles Push Notifications within the mobile apps.
  • Failed Uploads: While failed uploads will be shown in the Outbox as per standard behaviour, they will be deleted upon refreshing the consignments, as all consignments are reloaded in their original state.
  • Job Allocation: The Job Allocation features is disabled in Demo mode. For more information on how this feature works, check out this article: Job Allocation
  • Picking & Packing / Sale Orders: The demo account can go through the same steps as a standard account when packing Sale Orders - start packing, pack (by scanning or manual entry), finish packing. Please be aware though that unlike a normal account, the demo account will not save the progress of a Sale Order that is currently being packed and will reload Sale Orders as "Awaiting Pick & Pack" once you leave the packing view.