CartonCloud allows users to create their own "custom" fields within the web app. This provides users with a way to capture additional data, that isn't captured by the default fields.

The most obvious example of this is the opening and closing time of an address on a consignment. By default, this data is not captured within CartonCloud, but by creating a custom field it can be captured at the time of creating the address, then automatically linked to the consignment data.

When custom fields are created and configured, the user is presented with an option to choose if the custom field will appear on the mobile application or not. 

Where Custom Fields are displayed in the Mobile App

Custom fields can be displayed in multiple locations throughout the mobile application, as illustrated below. Additionally, they can be configured to show on the detailed view, or detailed view and list view.

The field names given are examples only and can be customised as required based on an operation's requirements.

Consignment Data Custom Fields

List ViewDetailed View

In the above example, a custom field has been set up for the Opening and Closing times of a delivery. The closing time example has been configured to display on the list view (as this is useful information for the driver), while the opening time is only displayed on the detailed view.

It is also worth noting that when no data is entered into a custom field that it will not display at all (such is the case with Bobs Grocery Burleigh Heads).

Consignment Item Custom Fields 

Consignment Detail Screen

Custom fields saved against a consignment item can be viewed first accessing the details view of a consignment, then selecting the View Items button. 

Accessing Consignment Item ScreenConsignment Item Details View

Sale Order Consignment Creation Screen

Once a Sale Order has been picked if you have enabled automatic consignment creation from Sale Orders then the custom fields will display during the Consignment creation stage.

Consignment Creation/Editing ScreenCustom Field Display on Add Item Screen

Purchase Order Product Custom Fields

Pack List viewConfirm Quantity ViewConfirm Quantity View Expanded

It is important to note that unlike other custom fields, Purchase Order custom fields are set up within the edit customer page.

These fields will display on both the pack list view and on the quantity confirmation view (provided you select to expand custom fields).

In the above example, a whole coffee bean distributor uses Purchase Order Custom fields to capture the roast date for their stock. 

Sale Order Custom Fields

Sale Order Details View

Sale order custom fields will display when selecting a Sale Order and navigating to the details view.