• No keyboard displaying when trying to manual enter dataKeyboard Not Showing (iOS)

  • A short delay of 0.1 sec is enabled between barcode reads when using a barcode scanner in the CartonCloud app. Please be aware that scanning barcodes any faster than this may cause barcodes to be read incorrectly.


  • No keyboard displaying when in manual entry alert: This normally happens when your device favours a hardware input method, e.g. barcode scanner, over soft keyboard.
    • Normally a click on the input field will bring up the keyboard. If not, try to double click or long click on the input field. The keyboard may come up or a notification will pop up on the top of the screen, prompting you to “Select keyboard input” or “Choose input method”. Click on that: disable the hardware input method or choose the soft keyboard one.
    • After clicking on the input field, check whether a keyboard symbol shows up in the bottom menu area. Click on that and choose the right keyboard.
    • An alternative is to temporarily disable the barcode scanner and then click on the input field. Some barcode scanners allow to be temporarily disabled with simple steps.
    • If nothing works, unpair the scanner to remove this hardware input method.
  • Scanned barcode does not appear: Ensure your Bluetooth barcode scanner is connected to your mobile device. Alternatively, try manual entry.