Workwave Integration is a paid feature which requires configuration to set up, for more information please contact

Information related to the Workwave Integration for Push/Pull allocating between CartonCloud and Workwave.


CartonCloud can use Workwave's allocation tools to create Run Sheets within CartonCloud.

CartonCloud as used as the source of consignments, then instead of allocating to drivers within in CartonCloud, pushing (all or selected) consignments to Workwave, using the tools there to allocate and produce Run Sheets in order of deliveries for the drivers. This ordering and allocation are pulled back into CartonCloud producing Runsheets with Drivers already allocated in the exact delivery ordering from Workwave for the consignments.

From there the drivers will have these deliveries on their CartonCloud App ready to deliver and record the PODs.

The integration with Workwave supports time slots to be used for allocation purpose, so that start and end of a timeslot can be assigned permanently to addresses or, assigning timeslots specifically to a consignment (which overrides address). This ensures timeslots are adhered to in the allocation process.

Workwave can be used to manually create allocations one by one using the map view, or by putting all consignments into Workwave and using its rules/setup to produce runs for drivers dynamically, i.e. using the capacity of the vehicle and timing of deliveries to create an optimum number of runs and drivers needed to deliver those consignments (auto-creating allocations variable to the consignments). Or a combination of both.

More information in Workwave training and documentation.

There are two main components within the integration:

  • Pushing Consignments to Workwave (from Bulk Allocation screen).
  • Pulling approved routes from Workwave (from Bulk Allocation screen).

CartonCloud Configuration to enable

Workwave integration is a paid feature, for details on pricing and information related to implementing this please contact

Turn on Workwave in Organisation Settings:

This then brings up 2 additional fields - the API Key and Territory mappings. The territory mapping is the operation area in Workwave and typically you are linking a matching territory for the CartonCloud warehouse. This is the territory code from Workwave and the warehouse ID from CartonCloud. Both of these are found from Workwave itself, consult Workwave help on where to find. Enter the Key in and enter the Territory mappings in then hit save. Workwave will now be active.

An example of what the mappings should look like when populated, use as many territory links as needed:

Product Type

Workwave has fields called Tags (Required), these match with CartonCloud Product Types, so configure the names to match for Workwave to successfully sync those fields. e.g. Chilled product type will match a Chilled Required Tag in workwave to segregate vehicles by what they accept etc.


Workwave has fields in its Vehicles configuration which limits how much a vehicle can carry, these fields can be anything and match the CartonCloud consignment custom fields e.g. Pallet and Carton fields of a consignment. Simply configure both CartonCloud and Workwave names to match for them to sync when passing data back and forth. e.g. Pallet in CartonCloud should match Pallet capacity field in the vehicle setup for Workwave for everything to match. Common examples and use are Pallets, Cartons, Weight and Cubic to allow capacity to work well, either all or 1 or combinations can be utilised.

Custom Fields Setup to match Workwave & Using

Custom Fields are required to be configured in CartonCloud to support the integration with Workwave, these fields support the API link, and also allow the use of Service Time for address delivery length and Time Windows for delivery timeslots. 2 different timeslots can be configured per address and 1 overriding timeslot per consignment. The idea is that addresses where needed generally have permanent timeslots if they are not available to be delivered to all day during normal business hours. So by configuring timeslots against the address, these can be used to ensure when Workwave is used for allocation building, the timeslots are factored in and adhered to for the drivers to meet during their delivery schedule.

Navigate to Custom Fields using the Search for anything! box.

Configure in the Address section the 5 fields exactly as per below example, this is important to allow the integration to function correctly:

Then configure the Consignment Data section 3 fields exactly as shown:

The address custom fields can be used by editing the Addresses & Address Strings, populating a Service Time in minutes and the other fields by time start and end. Here is an example of what an address can look like. These fields are optional so populate or don't populate as you desire.

The consignment custom fields again are optional, with time windows that if populated override the address time windows. Note the below warning.

Important Note: Sent to Workwave is a field auto-populated by the system and is used to analyse whether consignments have been sent already or not. Do not use adjust manually unless you have advanced knowledge and need to.

How to send to Workwave

Navigate to Bulk Allocation and using the selection tools there, either select all undelivered consignments requiring allocation or make a custom selection of consignments you would like to allocate in Workwave. Once selected, the use the Send to Workwave button highlighted below to send them to Workwave. If there are any issues an error message will appear, or potentially they may be missing in Workwave, always check you have a matching number of consignments in Workwave as there are in CartonCloud to send.

If using type Delivery + Pickup, if 1 or both of the parts are selected, then both Pickup And Delivery consignments will be sent to Workwave for allocation.

A popup will appear with a count of selected Consignments. Clicking the Send To WorkWave button in the popup will push the data to WorkWave.

Once the push to WorkWave is complete a success message will show

How to retrieve from Workwave

Once allocations complete in Workwave, mark the Routes that are finished as Approved Routes in Workwave, then CartonCloud will be able to pull those. It's important the routes are marked as Approved as CartonCloud will not pull any unapproved routes from Workwave, this is to allow pulling only finished allocations.

Navigate to Bulk Allocation and use the Pull Approved Routes From Workwave button to load the consignments in Workwave back into CartonCloud. Nothing else is needed to be selected on the page, just use the button straight away. The typical use for this is to be used after sending to Workwave, allocating in Workwave, then using the Pull button to copy the allocations from Workwave into CartonCloud as the final step.

Once selected it will ask for the date you would like to retrieve from Workwave for → this is the date that consignments are loaded against in Workwave (i.e. this can be in advance, e.g. tomorrow's date). Click the choose date box:

Select date from the calendar then uses the Pull Approved Routes button to pull the Routes from Workwave into CartonCloud.

Then you will get a screen which shows how many routes were pulled back, how many Run Sheets were created if there were any fails. It will also show Errors like this example, which indicates a configuration error as no Workwave link is configured here. The other common Error is that there are no approved routes in Workwave for the date requested, either because they're on a different date or they are unapproved. This often happens because Workwave won't approve a Route if it has allocation issues.

When the Pull process is complete you should have Runsheets (Transport menu→ Runsheets) matching your Workwave routes, with the consignments in the same order as Workwave had them too. If the Driver is also configured, congratulations you're finished. The drivers now have their runs allocated ready for loading and deliveries!

Important steps / Troubleshooting

  • For Workwave to create an approved Route the consignments need to be acceptable to the Vehicles tags such as Product Types of Chilled, Frozen etc, the capacities of Pallets and Cartons to match.

WW back > CartonCloud

  • Only approved Routes will be available to CC - WW will not approve a route if it has allocation issues
  • Ensure the date is correct if you fail to upload any routes
  • When pulling Routes back into CartonCloud the Vehicle name from Workwave must be set up in CartonCloud under the Vehicles section as well and match exactly.
  • When pulling Routes back with drivers into CartonCloud the driver email details (or login as its used) must be set up in CartonCloud under the Users section as well and match exactly.


  1. Currently, only Pickup, Delivery and Pickup+Delivery consignment types are supported from CartonCloud when using this Workwave integration, others such as Point to Point are currently unsupported and will not work properly.

  2. The Pull phase is currently limited to same-day dates in Workwave, so bear that in mind for the process. (Updated and now supports multiple dates).