This feature superimposes the receivers signature, name, and date on Consignment Customer Invoices.

How Superimposed Proof Of Delivery Works

  1. Once a Consignment is delivered, when the user clicks to download POD, if there is an associated Consignment Customer Invoice, the document is used for the signature overlay.
  2. Signature + additional information is superimposed on the Consignment Customer Invoice.
  3. Overlaid image + CartonCloud-Generated POD are combined together into a single file and exported.

Example of Document with Superimposed POD

In this example, the Receiver Name, Date and Signature have been overlaid onto the scanned Invoice automatically.

Enabling Superimposed Proof Of Deliveries

1) Go to 'Customers' > {select the customer} > Click Edit at the bottom of the page. 

2) Click on 'Transport Management' tab > Click on 'POD' sub tab.

3) Within the dropdown "Proof Of Delivery Module", change the selection to: "Content Overlay"

4) Set the "Position of content on POD". Currently this must be configured using variables as per the following default code:

Sample Position Json

	"page_rotation": -90,
	"signature_rotation": 0,
	"signature_width": 0.5,
	"signature_height": 0.05,
	"signature_gravity": "southwest",
	"signature_y_adjust": 0.11,
	"signature_x_adjust": 0.71,
	"display_receiver_name": true,
	"name_gravity": "southwest",
	"name_y_adjust": 0.125,
	"name_x_adjust": 0.53,
	"display_date" : true,
	"date_gravity": "southwest",
	"date_y_adjust": 0.09,
	"date_x_adjust": 0.52

Parameter descriptions:

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
page_rotation0How much the page should be rotated, typical values 0, 90, -90, 180
signature_rotation0How much to rotate the signature (0, 90, -90, 180)
signature_width0.5The width of the Signature Image (% of page width)
signature_height0.05The height of the Signature Image (% of page height)

Where the Signature code should be positioned from. See:

Top Left CornerNorthWest
Top MiddleNorth
Top Right CornerNorthEast
Left MiddleWest
Middle of PageCenter
Right MiddleEast
Bottom LeftSouthWest
Bottom MiddleSouth
Bottom RightSouthEast

Note: If the Gravity is left empty then it defaults to "NorthWest".

signature_y_adjust0.11The y-axis offset from the original location specified by the gravity setting (% of page width)
signature_x_adjust5The x-axis offset from the original location specified by the gravity setting (% of page height)

Whether or not to display the receivers name. If true, you may use:

"name_gravity": "southwest",
"name_y_adjust": 0.125,
"name_x_adjust": 0.53,


Whether or not to display the date / time of delivery. If true, you may use:

"date_gravity": "southwest",
"date_y_adjust": 0.09,
"date_x_adjust": 0.52