To scan into the CartonCloud FTP Server, the normal setup is to configure your Multi-Function printer to scan documents straight into CartonClouds FTP Server.

Note, if you would like to send the files to a Parser and have it process them please reach out to our Integrations team - 

Creating a new FTP login

Firstly, head to the FTP Users page by typing "FTP Users" in the search for anything box.

Next, click Add FTP User.

Create a Username, Password and select where you want to upload to within the Subdirectory. (you can leave this blank if you want to login to the directory root). See below for using predefined subdirectories.

Select Save once completed.

Predefined Subdirectories

There are predefined subdirectories within the FTP root directory which handle uploaded files in certain ways. Also, other folders can be configured for specific processing (ie: importing into Parsers) by CartonCloud staff. For example, if you are scanning in POD's, then using the pods subdirectory ensures the files uploaded follow that behaviour and load into CartonCloud as POD files.

invoicesFiles uploaded will be processed as "Consignment Customer Invoices" with "invoice" type.
Invoices can be used for signature overlay when providing PODs back to your client. For more information on this, see: Superimposed Proof Of Delivery

Files uploaded will be processed as "Consignment Customer Invoices" with "proof of delivery" type.

Additional logic:
When a "proof of delivery" type Consignment Customer Invoice is attached to a Consignment, it will automatically mark the Consignment Delivered (if not already), and clear the "Awaiting Paper POD" status (if set).

For files received as POD's - they work off the QR code that can be enabled on the Consignment POD output. CartonCloud uses this to find the matching Consignment and then mark it as delivered automatically when attaching. The QR code is the consignment barcode i.e the one with the Customer Code prefix and then the Consignment ID. e.g. TEST000000000123445

Proof Of Delivery uploads will also be used as the first page(s) when the POD is downloaded from CartonCloud.

Configuring your Printer

This step varies depending on your printer, however, the normal process is to:

  1. Login to your printer through its inbuilt web-server
  2. Configure an FTP / Network folder to upload to
  3. Load in the credentials you provided above. (Note that CartonCloud's FTP Server is

This can be done through the Printer Settings, webserver or printer control panel. Generally if you Google Search "Configure scan to FTP Insert name here" and then include your printer or scanner name, this will provide instructions for configuring your scanner or printer. It's generally different for every device but follows a similar flow as described above.

Common FTP Configuration will require:

username: (this is the CartonCloud username created in the FTP Users page)

password: (created for the FTP user)

Port: 21

Directory: /  (it is not necessary to create a subdirectory)

After configuring, test the process by scanning a test file to the FTP server. It should show in CartonCloud under the Consignment Customer Invoices / Scanned Proof Of Delivery - give it a few minutes as they can take a little while to appear sometimes. On that page, there is also the ability to add an invoice file manually too.

Determining your printers IP address

If you don't know the IP Address of your printer, an easy way to work this out is using the "Advanced IP Scanner" utility, run the program and if successful you will see your printers name and its IP address:

Windows: ipscan25.exe

Or try options from here if that doesn't work: