The QR Code overlay feature makes it possible to superimpose a QR code on top of Consignment Customer Invoices.

Use cases 

  • This feature can be used in conjunction with Driver Scan Allocation to allow transport operators to allocate work to a driver by simply scanning the QR code on the invoice.
  • Alternatively,  the QR code can also be used to match signed consignment notes automatically, so the paperwork can be signed, bought back, and then automatically allocated to the correct Consignment. This is particularly useful when giving out deliveries to onforwarders who are not able to use the CartonCloud mobile app, but you still need to capture a POD for the delivery. See Using QR Codes to automatically attach a POD to a Consignment for more information. 
If you need assistance with setting up the QR Code Overlay, please reach out to our support team at support@cartoncloud.com.au 

How QR Code Overlay Works

The QR Code overlay is performed when the Consignment Invoice file is assigned to the Consignment. This step modifies the original file to include the QR code. This means that the original file (without the QR Code) no longer exists within CartonCloud.

Because the QR Code Overlay is set up from the Customer level, you can modify where the QR Code will be placed for each Customer. However, you can only select one document on which to model the QR Code for each Customer. 

When the QR Code Overlay feature is enabled, it only affects new Consignment Customer Invoices. Previously existing Consignment Customer Invoices will not be affected.

Points to consider 

The QR code is overlaid as the Consignment Customer Invoice is allocated to a Consignment within CartonCloud. The original (non-overlaid) file is then deleted. 
This results in the following potential issues:

  1. If the position of the QR overlay gets changed, the previous overlay will still show on the invoice.
  2. If the user disables this feature, the Invoices already uploaded will have the QR code, so they will have to be re-uploaded.

Configuring QR Code Overlay for Invoices

The QR Code Overlay is set up at the Customer level. This means each Customer can have their own Consignment Customer Invoice template and the QR code position can be different for each Customer and their invoice. 

To set up the QR Code Overlay:

  • Navigate to the Customer Settings, Contacts>Customers>click Edit against the relevant Customer. 
  • Select Transport Management>Defaults tab. 

  • Scroll down to Advanced and tick Enable Overlaying of QR on Customer Invoices. This will occur on Invoice generation

  • You will now need to select an Invoice to be the template for choosing the position of the overlay. You can either select an existing recent invoice, or a new PDF file can be uploaded.
  • Once you have selected the file, it will appear on the page inside the QR Code positioning tool. 
  • Use the QR Code positioning tool (move the red box) to place the QR Code in the desired location on the document and in the desired size. 

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

QR Code Positioning Tool

The QR Code positioning tool supports the following.

QR Code PlacementDragging and dropping the red QR code square will place it in that location for all future documents using the overlay feature.
QR Code ResizingDragging from the bottom right corner of the red QR code square allows it to be resized as required.
Page RotationIf the sample page has been uploaded in the wrong orientation, it can be rotated as required.
On PagesIn the scenario where a Customer Consignment invoice is multiple pages, this allows the user to select which page/s the QR code will be overlaid on.
RotationNot required as QR codes are omnidirectional.

Example QR Code Overlay