Frequently asked questions by those using Zapier to Integrate with CartonCloud

I've received multiple emails for the same rejected order, why?

When Zapier tries to create an order in CartonCloud, and it cannot, CartonCloud sends an error message to Zapier. For example: 400 - Order already Exists.
As this is seen as an error by Zapier, it uses its "Autoreplay" feature ( ) to retry the order, a total of 5 times.

For this reason, you will receive 6 "rejection" messages for the same order.

Can Zapier be used to send messages back from CartonCloud to my other systems?

Yes, via our new Webhook system. Let us know what you're trying to achieve so we can assist in getting it up and running.

I can't find CartonCloud listed on Zapier's connected apps?

Currently, we need to connect CartonCloud to Zapier on behalf of clients. We're working on having our app connector made publicly available by the end of 2018.

Xero Specific FAQ

What is the recommended workflow to get an order from Xero to CartonCloud?

Orders created in Xero are sent to CartonCloud when Approved. This means you can create orders in a Draft status in Xero, and they will not be sent to CartonCloud until they are Approved. If you create and approve an order in one step, it'll be sent straight to CartonCloud (see the note on the delay below).

After creating an invoice in Xero, it takes several minutes to show up in CartonCloud, why?

From our experience, it can take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes for orders created in Xero to appear in CartonCloud. This is due to the way in which Zapier integrates with Xero. Every 5 minutes Zapier polls Xero for new orders. It fetches the 100 most recent APPROVED invoices (using the "Date" Field to determine most recent), then looks through them looking for any it hasn't seen before and sends those which are new to CartonCloud.

I Approved an order in Xero which never appeared in CartonCloud

This can occur due to the way in which the Zapier / Xero connection works. As Zapier polls Xero for the 100 most recent APPROVED invoices (using the "Date" field to determine the most recent), Zapier may miss Invoices from Xero if you create more than 100 with the same Date, or, you approve an invoice whose date is more than 100 invoices old.


  1. If you're creating more than 100 invoices in a single day, we recommend adjusting the date to the next day after you hit 100.
  2. If you're approving an old invoice, update the Date to today before approving.

I created an invoice in Xero, then modified it - but CartonCloud received the modified version?

Due to the delay in sending outlined above, the invoice is sent to CartonCloud in its current state when the outbound sending is performed.

This means, if you create an invoice, then modify it before Xero has sent it to CartonCloud, it ends up sending CartonCloud the modified version.

However, this doesn't mean you can modify orders in Xero and have the changes reflect in CartonCloud. If the order has already been sent to CartonCloud, changes made in Xero will not be reflected in CartonCloud.

Can my Invoice PDF be sent to CartonCloud automatically as well?

Yes. When you have us connect your Xero to CartonCloud, be sure to mention that you want this to be done.

Note that CartonCloud will receive the Invoice PDF in the Branding Theme selected at the time the order is sent to CartonCloud, which may be anywhere from 1-5 mins after the order is actually approved.

We've had a case where a client wanted to send one Branding Theme to CartonCloud, while they wanted another to be printed at their end. They were creating & approving the order in Xero with the branding theme they wanted to have appear in CartonCloud, then immediately editing the invoice to the branding theme they wanted to print. Due to the delay in the Xero API, when Xero sent the invoice to CartonCloud around 1-5 mins later, the Branding Theme selected was the one they wanted to print (not the one they wanted to send).

There are several workarounds for this:

  1. Create the invoice with the Branding Theme you want to print, immediately print, then edit the order to the Branding Theme you want to send.
  2. After creating the invoice, wait at least 5 minutes (or check that it's appeared in CartonCloud) before editing the Branding Theme
  3. Don't automate the Invoice PDFs coming into CartonCloud, and instead email them from Xero into CartonCloud (this can be configured by our staff, just let us know).