CartonCloud is able to use Workwave's allocation tools to create Run Sheets within CartonCloud.

When set up CartonCloud is used as the source for consignments. Then, instead of allocating to drivers within in CartonCloud, the integration will push (all or selected) consignments to Workwave. Workwave can then be used to allocate and product run sheets in containing the delivery order.

This ordering and allocation data is then pulled back into CartonCloud to produce Run sheets with Drivers already allocated and the delivery order of consignments maintained.

Drivers can then complete deliveries using the CartonCloud Mobile app and easily capture a POD on delivery.

What does the integration allow?

Pushing Consignments from CartonCloud to WorkWave and Pulling approved routes back from Workwave into CartonCloud.

The integration allows consignments to be pushed into Workwave from the Bulk Allocation screen, allocated to drivers within Workwave, then pulled back into CartonCloud to automatically create Run sheets.

The integration also has support for timeslots in which you can define address-level timeslots, or override with consignment-specific timeslots (supports up to 2 time windows per address / per consignment).

How to get connected

This integration requires our assistance to get set up.  Please contact us to get Workwave connected.


Pricing is available on application. For more information please contact us.

More Information

More detailed information is available here: Workwave Integration for Allocating