CartonCloud is integrated with Starshipit via their API, allowing Sale Orders picked in the CartonCloud WMS to be automatically transferred into the Starshipit shipping aggregator.

What does the integration allow?

Pushing Sale Orders from CartonCloud into Starshipit

This is a one-way integration in which a CartonCloud Sale Order creates a shipment within Starshipit. It transfers the delivery address and sales order items with the respective weights and creates the shipment record within Starshipit.

You can then confirm that the packaging matches your preferred carrier and generate the labels from within Starshipit.

This integration is designed to be flexible, with the option to include additional custom fields that can be mapped to fields within Starshipit. Additionally, you can choose when the shipment is created, for example, once the order is packed or dispatched.

Pulling tracking information from Starshipit to CartonCloud

This two-way integration allows the Courier tracking number to be pulled from Starshipit back into the CartonCloud order.

These tracking details can then be sent to other applications such as Shopify when marking orders fulfilled.

Printing StarShipit Labels

By default, once the integration is in place, labels can continue to be printed directly from the Starshipit application. 

Optionally, however, labels can be configured to print directly from CartonCloud. In addition, printing can occur automatically by choosing an order status event, such as when an order is marked parked, or by clicking a custom button.

This is particularly useful for workflows where packers are not manually entering details into StarShipit (such as adjusting weight and dimensions) as it eliminates the need to continually switch between platforms.

How to get connected

Connections to Starshipit need to be configured by the CartonCloud team.

Requirements for setting up the integration can be found here.

To get this set up, please contact your onboarding consultant or contact us


Pricing is available on application. For more information, please contact us.