CartonCloud is integrated with BigCommerce allowing orders created in BigCommerce to automatically flow into CartonCloud as Sale Orders.

What does the integration allow?

Pulling Sale Orders from BigCommerce into CartonCloud

This is a one-way integration in which a new order in BigCommerce creates a new Sale Order within CartonCloud. It transfers the delivery address, reference, and all of the ordered items. 

The integration is designed to be flexible with the option to include some additional custom fields that can be pushed through from BigCommerce. Additionally, we can configure rules to control which orders within BigCommerce should be transferred to CartonCloud (so not everything goes through and you have control over which are transferred).

Updating Orders as shipped in BigCommerce 

This is a two-way integration in which orders that have originated from BigCommerce will then be marked as shipped once the CartonCloud Sale Order has reached a chosen status (Packed or Dispatched).

Additionally, if Shippit or StarShipit is also integrated with your CartonCloud account, then tracking numbers can also be returned to BigCommerce.

Update Inventory Levels in BigCommerce

As an optional extra, an automatic processor can be built to send stock on hand information back to BigCommerce. This requires the BigCommerce store to install and configure the stock-sync plugin

How to get connected

Connections to BigCommerce need to be configured by the CartonCloud team.

This integration requires you to have:

  • A BigCommerce Account
  • A BigCommerce user for CartonCloud to use for pulling orders.

To get this setup, please contact your Implementation Manager or contact us