Custom Fields are used extensively throughout CartonCloud for capturing and storing customised data.

This page explains how to interact with Custom Fields through our Public API.

Custom fields are considered properties through the API.

A Purchase Order, for example, has Custom Fields at both the Order Level, and also at the Item Level (for defining which stock to select).

Custom Fields are referenced through their "Mapped Field". For example, given the screenshot below, the "EComm ID" may be accessed through the field ecommId :

  "type": "OUTBOUND",    .....
    "properties": {        "ecommId": "456ad1e1-9aef-42b9-8520-9d96493187c1"    },

If you do not have access to the Custom Fields section of CartonCloud (for example, you are a Customer of a 3PL building your own integration), please contact the account owner to find out exactly which fields are available, and what you need to provide.