CartonCloud has the capability to integrate with SMS services such as Twilio to send out automated SMS notifications to your customers.

By integrating automated SMS notifications directly into CartonCloud it’s possible to:

  • Store a mobile number against a Consignment or Address that you wish to send notifications to
  • Send an automated SMS when a Consignment’s Status is updated - such as when it’s marked ‘In Transit’
  • Send another automated SMS when the consignment is delivered, then email the POD directly to a selected email address.

Our integrations team will guide you through the setup process. Once completed, your notifications will go out displaying the information you want at the time you need.

How it Works

Initially, you will need to sign up to an SMS service such as Twilio and send us a few pieces of information about that account in an integrations ticket here.

As you hold the account with Twilio they will charge you directly for the messages being sent.

We then set up Custom Fields within CartonCloud to allow mobile numbers to be stored against the Consignment or alternatively we can use the telephone number provided within the Address.

Parsers can also be adjusted if required to allow data to be imported directly into these fields.

Our integrations team will also discuss the finer details with you, such as when you would like the notifications to take place and what information you would like them to include.

What we need to from you to set up the Integration

We require 3 key pieces of information from you to set up the integration,

  • The Twilio Account SID
  • Auth Token
  • Twilio Phone Number

Steps on how to obtain these are provided below.

Setting up a Twilio Account

Twilio is a communications platform that CartonCloud integrates with to allow messages to automatically be sent when an event is triggered in the system.

To set up your own Twilio account, navigate to

Once there, select the Sign up button at the top right of the home page.

Fill in the required form with your details. Then submit.

Check your email to verify your account. Be sure to check your junk mail if you do not receive it.

When confirming the verification email you will need to provide your phone number with Twilio

They will then send you a confirmation number in a text message which you will need to enter to verify the mobile number.

Twilio will then ask you some personalisation questions. Once answering these you will land on the Dashboard.

Account SID and Auth Token

As shown below (blacked out for security reasons). These need to be copied using the icon on the right and pasted directly into your integration request.

Twilio Phone Number

This is the phone number the notification messages will appear to be coming from, however, we are also able to set a contact name against it that receivers will see.

To get a Twilio number, begin by selecting Get a Trial Number on the dashboard.

Initially, a US number will be suggested, however, you will need a number for the country you are in, so select Search for a different number.

On the next page, select your Country, then click Search.

Select a Mobile type number with SMS capabilities and an Address requirement of "Any".

To claim the number, you will need to comply with regulatory requirements. Twilio provides its own documentation on how to complete this.

Once you have completed buying the number please include it in your integration request.

And that's it! Our integrations team will guide you through any further configuration that may be required for your Twilio account.