What is an Accounting Connector?

CartonCloud can integrate with accounting software applications (in CartonCloud, called Accounting Connectors) to streamline your invoicing process. Once connected, you will be able to send invoices directly from CartonCloud to the accounting platform and have the payment status from the accounting platform automatically updated in CartonCloud. 

How to set up an Accounting Connector

CartonCloud integrates with the following accounting software applications: 

Accounting Connector 

How to set up the Accounting Connector 

XeroIntegrate CartonCloud with Xero

MYOB Accounting Right LiveIntegrate CartonCloud with MYOB (Account Right Live)


Integrate CartonCloud with QuickBooks

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ReckonIntegrate CartonCloud with Reckon

How to configure the Accounting Connector Settings

Each software application has its specific options, which can be configured in CartonCloud. You can either configure these at the Organisation or Customer Settings level. 

Multiple Accounting Connectors

CartonCloud supports multiple simultaneous Accounting Software Connections. This means you could have several MYOB connections, several Xero connections, or a combination of both within a single CartonCloud Account. You can then link some customers to one Accounting Connector and others to the other.