Haven’t got time to read the whole thing and just want the good bits?

  • We don’t publish roadmaps with specific release dates.
  • Ideas for new features and improvements can be submitted and followed in our ideas portal (Aha!)
  • Our product team reviews and scores the ideas on a regular basis. 
  • New features are selected and scheduled based on a range of factors.
  • We try to deliver features and solve problems in ways that provide the most value to the most number of customers. 

Please note, this policy doesn’t apply to bugs. 

CartonCloud now has over 400 customers in a wide range of industries, from eCommerce to Food & Beverage to bulk haulage. We try to balance the short, medium and long term priorities of our customers with the available development resources. 

We love ideas and engagement from our customers on our product roadmap. We actively encourage all our customers to contribute things they would like to see in the product roadmap via the Ideas Portal (Aha!). 

The number of requests we receive means we need a consistent process for reviewing and prioritising the ideas.  We regularly review all of the new ideas in the portal, score them against a set of criteria which includes the effort involved and then schedule the highest scoring ideas for development. The factors we look at in choosing what to implement: 

    • Customer feedback - idea votes, comments, direct feedback, business reviews and all the other ways our customers let us know what they want in the product
    • Support team insights - which issues are the most common and most difficult for our customers 
    • Product analytics - information on how customers are using the system to understand how existing features are being used
    • Product strategy - our long term vision for CartonCloud 

When determining how to implement new features, our development philosophy is: 

  • Ease-of-use is our primary focus, ensuring that whatever is delivered is able to be implemented and used by our customers without complexity. 
  • Whenever possible, we will take the time to do a complete solution to a problem rather than a quick fix, that delivers more value to all users in more scenarios even if it takes us a little more time to complete. 
  • We avoid doing development that is only going to benefit one customer and prioritise work that will benefit a larger number of customers. 

Paid Requests

From time to time, we have customers who request quotes for development to be completed sooner than it might otherwise be scheduled. We will always review the benefits and effort of any request with our product team prior to providing an indication of whether a quote will be able to be provided. 

All ideas will get scheduled in accordance with the criteria above regardless of whether a quote is accepted or not, however, where a quote is provided and accepted it may be accelerated. Paid work is a platform for customers who wish to expedite the timeframes on certain tasks that are of significant importance to their business and fit in the product development roadmap.